Police should investigate Thandi Modise's cannibal farm - Chris Hattingh

Chris Hattingh
07 July 2014

DA NWest leader says NCOP chairperson needs to be held to account for shocking animal cruelty on her property

Police should investigate Modise's animal cruelty

7 July 2014

Thandi Modise, the former Premier of North West and the current Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces, should be investigated by the police for the animal cruelty that took place at her farm Modderfontein outside Potchefstroom. 

The SPCA has discovered scores of dead animals on Modise's farm. The animals died of thirst and hunger - having not been fed for months. Reports indicate that the SPCA discovered 58 dead pigs, and a number of surviving pigs that were forced to cannibalise the carcasses to survive (see eNCA report below).

The SPCA also found a number of dead goats, chickens and geese that died of hunger.

The chaos on the farm has only escalated in the last few days. Since the media started reporting on the issue, farm workers have been attempting to burn the remaining carcasses. Workers yesterday caused a veldfire that damaged surrounding farms when this process was not conducted properly.  

The DA will request a criminal investigation into what occurred at the farm. Ms Modise must be held to account for what happened.

She has clearly violated the Animal Protection Act. She has violated sections 1(b), 1(c) and 1(e) of the Animal Protection Act by not feeding the animals properly and by exposing them to unnecessary suffering.

The Act concludes that, subject to the appropriate police investigation, Ms Modise should be declared unfit to own or be in charge of any animal. She should also repay all expenses incurred by the SPCA in dealing with the situation on her farm. Pending the outcome of an investigation, she could also be sentenced to twelve months in jail, which would disqualify her from her current position as NCOP Chairperson.

The cruelty exhibited on this farm is unacceptable and Ms Modise should account for what happened. I will submit the charges at the local police station today to ensure a full investigation is conducted. 

Statement issued by Chris Hattingh MPL, DA Leader in North West, July 7 2014

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 responses to this article

How disgusting, may she suffer the same fate. ANC continues to use abusive language against white farmers, how about this one whoproably got the farm handed to her on a platter at the tax payers expense. And then she tries to say she made a mistake, . .more

by Gaina on July 07 2014, 18:27
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As above
And what has happened about. The R570 000 000 farm near Vrede where cows also died of starvation, all paid for by the taxpayer

by Gaina on July 07 2014, 20:05
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Disgraceful Moduse scum
This callous, selfish piece of human rubbish called Thandi Modise probably feels nothing for the agony and misery she caused. There is no excuse for what happened on this farm.
Chairperson and Premier mmhh...meaningless cadre titles for a . .more

by Asquith on July 07 2014, 20:38
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She is probably blaming Julius Malema

by animal lover on July 07 2014, 22:15
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And they feel the same for the plight of farmers murdered in cold blood on their farms.

M Ghandi said words to the effect " The level of civilization of a Nation can be measured by the way they treat their animals".

But then caring for animals is not an African trait.

We have booZooma belittling his fellow blacks for . .more

by Anti-savage on July 08 2014, 07:58
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Is this what is going to happen when they take over 50% of all the farm land in SA? If a so called minister can not run a farm how do they expect a black farmer with no experience should be able to do it.

by Mr Black Bean on July 08 2014, 08:31
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Black Farms And The Future Of our Food Supply
This is a nice example of how African's Farm In South Africs.

by Foghorn Leghorn on July 08 2014, 08:52
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Shot in the foot for land reform
Sure, hand over 50 % of farms. I hope Thandi Modise realises her shameful neglect will be referred to for ever more on how giving someone a farm doesn't make them a farmer. Give her a new BMW instead, but not a farm if you must loot the country's . .more

by Acid Mind on July 08 2014, 09:01
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T. Modise" s farm
while it is fair to criticise me. Modise objectively for what transpired in her farm, I think it is unfair for the racist opportunists to use this unfortunate incident to paint all black farmers, read emerging farmers, with the same brush. We do have very . .more

by Pitch Black on July 08 2014, 09:44
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Thandi's special
If Marikana happened under her watch why did you expect for her animals to be well taken care of.

by Animal Farm on July 08 2014, 09:47
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Burn in Hell
Fat, self absorbed monster, feeding at the trough while she starves her farms. Incompetent cancerous growth on the body of South Africa. I CANNOT believe that AGAIN she will get away with her crimes against this country, its people and its animals. She is . .more

by Joanne on July 08 2014, 12:53
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Land Reform
What people tend to forget is that Nkwinti has proposed that 50% of farms will be shared amongst the workers on the farms. Without any workers on her farm, does this mean she gets to keep 100% of her farm?

by Phelamanga on July 08 2014, 13:14
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@ Pitch Black
Agreed. This is not a political issue either, and I'm sorry that the DA got involved because now it becomes a race issue as well, with some ANC members treating Ms. Modise as a hero because of racist comments from some white people. Should be left to the . .more

by Capetonian. on July 08 2014, 13:58
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"some ANC members treating Ms Modise as a hero because of racist comments from white people" - Oh, I see. Its the fault of those dreadful whites again...............

by Fred on July 08 2014, 16:42
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Animal Cruelty - Modise
And what will this SAVAGE and CRUEL deed get - a "slap" on the wrist, a LOST file??? Let's work some Black magic on her - perhaps she'll contract a rare disease and starve to death??

by Bongitole on July 08 2014, 17:42
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Modise Cruelty
Better idea! Let's lock her in her fancy car and watch her starve to death!

by Bongitole on July 08 2014, 17:43
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Pure race hatred courses in their blood
The opening comment from Asquith calls Modise "a selfish piece of human rubbish". And I'm expected to reconcile with these subhuman Euro trash?

What happened at the farm is wrong and Modise has taken full responsibility. She was horrified and is . .more

by Veja on July 08 2014, 18:55
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