Hawks bust top cop for arms peddling - SAPS

Capt Paul Ramaloko
28 November 2012

Limpopo station commissioner and two accomplices arrested by the Crimes Against the State Unit

Hawks intercept ammunition smuggling activity

PRETORIA: The Crimes Against the State Unit of the Hawks arrested a 56-year-old Limpopo Station Commissioner and 2 of his accomplices during a sting operation for possession and dealing in ammunition belonging to the state. A couple in their early thirties was arrested while delivering about10500 ammunition to a client in Kolonade shopping centre, in Montana at about 10am today (see Times report).

This arrest led the Hawks to the arrest of the Captain, station commissioner, who was attending a cluster meeting in Bela-Bela, for illegally booking out police ammunition to the couple who belongs to a syndicate. A Fiat Uno which was used in the commission of this crime was also confiscated. The other ammunition which has been seized could be traced to the military.

The trio will appear before the Pretoria North magistrate court on charges of dealing and possession of ammunition.

Further arrests are on the cards.

Statement issued by Capt Paul Ramaloko, Hawks spokesperson, SAPS national media centre, November 28 2012

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 responses to this article

Well done the Zumarites...
keep on cleaning...

by . on November 28 2012, 16:22
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good work guys keep it up, we are tired of corrupt officials.

by david on November 28 2012, 20:42
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How long have we had a 'crimes against the state' unit?
Forget .

It doesn't think.

by Brett on November 28 2012, 22:51
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.. is the key. There are hundreds of thousands of stolen arms out there, but the key is to get ammunition that cannot be bought over the counter without a license. These people should be held for murder - they are the cause of violent death. They are a . .more

by Bokdrol on November 29 2012, 16:01
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Ammunition theft for the zumarite fund raisers.
How many more police stations is this happening at??

by Zakhele. on December 01 2012, 15:33
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Listen people but we are problems with this anc regime of criminals fraudsters thieves who only deal with corruption and fraud like a rogue gangster state running protecting highly organised crininals of white collar criminals for last eight years in . .more

by the truth on September 30 2013, 20:41
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