Chinese funding for ANC reason for Dalai Lama ban - COPE

Mvume Dandala
23 March 2009

Mvume Dandala says Chinese govt is a major funder of ruling party's election campaign

ANC sacrifices principle in Dalai Lama affair

The Refusal by the ANC government to grant the Dalai Lama a visa to attend the 2010 World Cup-organised peace conference planned for this Friday once again demonstrates how the ANC is willing to sacrifice principle to satisfy a party funder, the Chinese government.

This matter has nothing to do with, "what is in the best interest of the country" as indicated by Foreign Affairs department spokesperson, Ronnie Mamoepa, but the ANC cow-towing to a major funder that has poured extensive resources into its election campaign.

COPE condemns this partisan act by the ANC. It is further proof of the ANC's narrow, factional and opportunistic tendency. This failure by the ANC government to take advantage of a diplomatic opportunity to welcome a person of such stature to our shores and using this opportunity to contribute to the settlement of the Tibetan issue demonstrates that ANC foreign policy is for sale to the highest bidder. The ANC now  routinely betrays its stated principles as an organisation. It has become an organisation for the rich, the resourced and the powerful. It cares nothing for suffering people, whether in Tibet or elsewhere. COPE supports the call for a just, lasting and peaceful settlement of the Tibetan issue.  COPE supports all international and diplomatic initiatives to realise these goals.


Statement issued by Dr Mvume Dandala, Congress of the People presidential candidate, March 23 2009

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 responses to this article

Prostituted ANC
The character of ANC is showing without provocation, they cannot even explain the reasons behind this foolhardy decision. It is in their marrow, to maximise self benefits no matter the they care, NO! They will instead drive their . .more

by Zama on March 23 2009, 16:47
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Shows how much influence China has on the ANC
Who else finds it worrying that they have this much influence on the lying chops that are the ANC - they're obviously paying big bucks. Just wait till we start finding out about what SA has been promising them in return. We're in big poo as the Chinese . .more

by Craig on March 23 2009, 18:00
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Hands up
Hands up how many people know that Zuma has been a member of the communist party since his 20's? I wonder what's been promised?

by Rick on March 23 2009, 18:34
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Typical ANC
This shows how China influences ANC because of their fund to all the bill boards that we see around

by stm on March 23 2009, 22:06
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Africa is already a province of China. It needs mineral resources for its economy. Tentacled in every country. Soon this dark giant will wake to the reality of Tribal Elected Govts enslaved to new MASTERS who bought them.

by CYNIC on March 24 2009, 11:46
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better learn pidgin mandarin quickly
The Chinese have colonised Tibet and now they are colonising Africa with Zuma , the ANC, Mugabe and other tin pot dictators in their pockets.

by shipping out on March 24 2009, 21:14
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