eTV glorified criminality - ANC

Jackson Mthembu
19 January 2010

Jackson Mthembu calls for withdrawal of controversial broadcast on world cup


The African National Congress joins and supports the call by government through the Ministry of Police to investigate and arrest the criminals who contemplates to commit crime during the FIFA World Cup tournament in South Africa this year in June.

ETV aired the broadcast of these criminals saying in their own words that they were going to commit crime during FIFA World Cup tournament in South Africa. ETV broadcasted the clip on the 15 January 2010 at both their 134 and 403 channels.

The ANC calls upon eTV do an honourable thing by immediately withdrawing this broadcast and lead the law enforcement agencies to the arrest of these criminals.

These criminals are not only a threat to tourists but to the dreams and desires of South Africa and Africa to host a successful soccer world cup.  They are also a threat to the stability of South Africa and to each individual citizen of our country and to the democratic order that obtains in the country.  It is for these reasons that these criminals and their ill intentions should be arrested.

If eTV does not safeguard the interests of the innocent people from all over the world, who will be coming to South Africa to witness the Soccer World Cup tournament, if eTV does not want to safeguard the interest and well-being of South Africans through the request that we are making, they cannot be different from these criminals themselves because they will be harbouring people with ill intentions and criminal intent during the Soccer World Cup event. They cannot hide behind journalistic ethics and media freedoms on such a security threat to our country and our visitors.

It is very unfortunate that we have a media in the country that glorifies and publicise criminal intentions. The patriotism of such media is suspect.

The ANC reminds eTV that the right to freedom of expression does not extend to the incitement of violence and criminality.  The repeat broadcast of this footage promotes and justifies interests of criminals.

Crime is one of the ANC foremost priorities, and the ANC will stop at nothing to make sure that we fully respond to any sign of discomfort caused by criminals. Anyone who does crime or harbours criminals are as equally involved in the perpetuation of crime.

The ANC wish to once again reiterate and assure all South Africans and international visitors that the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be a safe and secured tournament.  The South African Police and other law enforcement agencies began with security preparations since 2004 and as they head towards the event, they have already intensified their operations and are ready for any eventuality, including these criminals that were publicised by eTV.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, African National Congress national spokesperson, January 19 2010

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 responses to this article

Pot Calling the Kettle Black about Glorification of Gangsterism..
If anyone glorifies criminality -- it would be the ANC... one of, if not the, most corrupt institution in South Africa (althought beating the Dept. of Corrections in the Corruption Olympics, would require superhuman effort)... Clearly the ANC forgot that . .more

by White Refugee on January 20 2010, 00:20
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An eye -opener
I don't believe E-TV were glorifying crime. They merely exposed what I, Jo citizen, already knew, that the criminals in this country are preparing for the world cup with as much strategy planning and foresight as FIFA itself. You'd have to be a . .more

by Not an Ostrich on January 20 2010, 08:42
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The pot calling the kettle black indeed
Ha ha, cheap politicking at its best!! The pot calling the kettle black indeed. What about travel gate? what about Yengeni being carried to jail on the shoulders of top ANC members? what about the early release and protection ( 'in jail' ) of comrade . .more

by Airwolf on January 20 2010, 09:02
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The ANC wants World Cup SA crooks locked up........

Really,... what a breath of fresh air (or is it spin I smell?). For example...

"The African National Congress joins and supports the call by government through the Ministry of Police to investigate & arrest the criminals who contemplates . .more

by John Austin, London on January 28 2010, 13:09
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