Zuma's conduct undermining anti-HIV/AIDS campaign - Zille

Helen Zille
31 January 2010

DA leader says president's latest love child sends the wrong message

President's behaviour undermines struggle against HIV/AIDS

President Jacob Zuma's behaviour directly contradicts the government's campaign against multiple sexual partners, and the inherent AIDS risk in having unprotected sex (see report).

There is currently a major national advertising campaign, the OneLove Campaign, on radio, television and print, promoting safe sex, the use of condoms, and attitudes that diminish the chance of having unprotected sex with multiple partners. That is the clear and unequivocal message that the government is trying to convey to the South African electorate.

It sits in stark contrast to the behaviour, and it would appear attitude, of the South African president.

One of the key contributing factors to the extent of South Africa's HIV/AIDS pandemic was the approach adopted by former President Thabo Mbeki, who through his words, did great damage to the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the attitudes of the South African people towards it. South Africa now has a president who, both through his words and actions, is doing similar damage to that struggle - a life and death struggle for millions of South Africans.

There are some people who may argue that Jacob Zuma's sex life is a matter of private morality or "culture", but this is not so. His personal behaviour has profound public consequences - and he acknowledged as much by apologising to the nation for having unprotected sex, following his rape trial, and by undertaking to change his ways. He said at the time:

"I wish to state categorically and place on record that I erred in having unprotected sex. I should have known better and I should have acted with greater caution and responsibility."

It is quite clear, however, that even if the President did acknowledge his mistake in having unprotected sex, then that acknowledgment has faded from his memory, and he has once again succeeded in sending the wrong message to the South African people.

Statement issued by Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille, January 31 2010

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President Jacob Zuma has fathered a child with the daughter of powerful soccer administrator and long-time friend, Irvin Khoza....The Sunday Times can today reveal that Sonono gave birth to a girl on October 8 last year, barely three months before the country's most famous polygamist tied the knot for the fifth time. Baby Thandekile Matina Zuma, now nearly four months old, has been registered in her father's name, and brings to 20 the number of children known to have been fathered by him....Several family friends told the Sunday Times that Khoza felt betrayed and humiliated by the president's relationship with his daughter, particularly as he considered Zuma - who is six years older than him - a friend."
Sunday Times, January 31 2010


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 responses to this article

The Prez is stud finish and klaar!

by Domza on February 01 2010, 00:38
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Lock Up your Daughters
Maybe the woman queueing up to be serviced by this stud of note should carry the blame. Is this perhaps a cunning plan? Encourage uninhibited and unprotected sex, spread the "Red Ribbon Flu" and restrict the population growth. I may be difficult given the . .more

by Geanann on February 01 2010, 07:47
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Child grants
Another source of income for JZ. 20 children multiplied by the R200.00 per month childrens grant equals another R4000.00 per month. This is the logic of the rural population, so why can he not do the same. It is free - more kids more money and you do not . .more

by Brown on February 01 2010, 08:02
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Manyalla Fela!
This is morally bankcrupt.

by Snr Citizen on February 01 2010, 08:39
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Vote of no confidence
The President's party must recall him for bringing the into disrepute, opening the road for parly to have him impeached. We can then have an early election and some one with impeacable credentials(there are many in the ruling party) who will restore . .more

by Afrique on February 01 2010, 09:11
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Is this our values?
Like the victims of Dirk Prinsloo the woman falling victim to Zuma can say "The nice uncle made me do it."

The number of people condoning this behaviour is an indictment of SA's moral . .more

by Geanann on February 01 2010, 09:48
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Make them more drunk and horny
Give them ARV's. These are the "untold" side effects of ARV's, they make you lose your mind as can be seen from JZ (and many others i know)'s behaviour. I must say; those Westerners/Capitalists/ Pharmacitical Multinationals have got us this time!

by Mute Fool on February 01 2010, 10:51
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Women must save themselves
Disappointed as we all my be with this kind of behaviour and its implications, we must never pretend that this is an important issue to the lives of people and the world. Poor people dont care who and how many women Zuma sleeps with, all they want are . .more

by Gambu on February 01 2010, 11:15
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MNY journos DO READ the sunday times after all....
a case of cant beat them...

by Funny that... on February 01 2010, 12:23
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Neanderthal of the Year!
If anyone is in any doubt about the insurmountable obstacles in our beloved contry's way to becoming a winning nation, they need look no further than the behaviour of our president and the reaction of his acolytes. His actions are wrong on so many levels . .more

by Alice in Wonderland on February 01 2010, 17:17
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@Alice in Wonderland
Sorry Alice, barbarity is something that Zuma still aspires to; he has a way to go yet.

by Jeff on February 01 2010, 19:21
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The President's Behaviour
@Gambu, I am a foreigner and worse, a Westerner. I like to agree with you. But still I think that South Africans should by no means tolerate Mr Zuma as president.

by Klaus in RSA on February 01 2010, 23:45
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So typical of ANC behaviour
No self control, no moral integrity, no thought about consequences to actions, and a priority towards self gratification.

by Sad Days on February 02 2010, 02:01
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It's high time!
Zille, it's high time you abide by the "Black" rules, as "White" rules have brought us nothing but apartheid.

Just shut up! listen, and abide, period!

by og on February 05 2010, 15:57
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