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08 April 2010

Youth League says Mugabe's example is militant, brave and correct


08 April 2010

The African National Congress Youth League visited Zimbabwe from the 2nd to the 5th of April 2010. The visit was meant to build and consolidate working relations between ZANU PF Youth League and the ANC Youth League, which constitute youth wings of former liberation movements in Southern Africa. The visit to Zimbabwe also incorporated the ANC Youth League's study-tour programme of visiting countries that have succeeded or failed with Nationalisation of and greater State participation in sectors of their economies.

The ANC Youth League delegation arrived at the Harare International Airport on the 2nd of April 2010 to a jubilant welcome by members of Zanu PF Youth League, who throughout our visit displayed the humility, compassion and care definitive of all progressive National Liberation Movements in Southern Africa, Africa and the world. On the 2nd of April, the ANC Youth League delegation held a joint meeting with the Politburo of Zanu PF and Central Committee of Zanu PF Youth League. The leadership of Zanu PF gave us a detailed and comprehensive briefing on the state of Zimbabwe's security, economy, and politics.

In outlining their vision, the leadership of Zanu PF under the capable guidance of the Secretary for Administration (Secretary General) and Minister in the Presidency, Comrade Titus Mutasa assured the ANC Youth League delegation that Zanu PF is committed to peace and rebuilding of Zimbabwe amidst many socio-economic challenges that came with the imposition of sanctions. We have no reason to doubt Zanu PF's commitment to a peaceful and successful Zimbabwe.

On Saturday, the 3rd of April 2010, the ANC YL delegation visited the house in Avondale (Harare) where exiled ANC Comrades, particularly Comrade Joe Gqabi conducted ANC work during the apartheid years. This is the house where Comrade Joe Gqabi was murdered through a bomb by apartheid forces in 1981. The delegation appreciated with practical observation the role Zimbabwe played in the liberation of the black majority and Africans in particular from apartheid repression and bondage. From the Avondale House, the delegation was taken through the tour of the Heroes Acre, wherein struggle heroes of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa are buried and where the history of Zimbabwe is narrated.

At a subsequent stage, we attended a rally in Mbare, Harare wherein we addressed thousands of Zanu PF youth, encouraging them to build a strong peaceful organisation, with capacity to mobilise the people of Zimbabwe behind the progressive vision of Zanu PF. We specifically cautioned the youth of Zimbabwe against imperialist organisations, which have potential to give Zimbabwe back to the imperialists. We used the rally to communicate South Africa's hosting of the World Festival for Youth and Students in December 2010.

On the night of Saturday, we attended a gala dinner of the Zimbabwean Affirmative Action Group, a lobby group with substantial influence over Zimbabwe's indigenisation and empowerment policies. We accepted the honorary membership of the Affirmative Action Group and will forever cherish its noble ideals of building a better Zimbabwe, wherein the African majority play a significant role in the economy.

On Sunday, the 4th of April 2010, we had a session with Zimbabwe's Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Comrade Saviour Kasukuwere, who is a known progressive youth activist in Southern Africa. The Minister presented to us Zimbabwe's Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act and policies, which are very courageous forms of policies on how Zimbabwe will retain the wealth of the land to the ownership of and benefit for the people as a whole.

We subsequently visited small scale farmers in Zimbabwe's Province of Mashonaland and witnessed young people who are productively involved in agriculture. From the small scale farms, we visited Zimplats, a Zimbabwe based platinum mine, which is owned by Implats and some Australian Investors. Like many Mines in South Africa, Zimplats does not do anything for the empowerment of communities where they are mining, and do not contribute anything on the development of youth.

From the small scale farmers in Mashonaland, we attended a soccer match of Zimbabwe's league champions, Dynamos vs. FC LUPOPO of the Democratic Republic of Congo in their Confederation of African Football clash. We attended the soccer match because we wanted to promote South Africa's hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 63 days' time. Throughout our visit, we always made it a point to emphasise and display through attire that South Africa is hosting the FIFA World Cup in June/July 2010.

From the soccer match we visited a large scale Donington Farm owned by the Governor of the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank Governor, Gideon Gono. The Governor took us through a session on the Zimbabwean economy and how they came to adopt a multi-currency option as part of the economic recovery plans. The agricultural genius shown by Governor Gideon Gono is an inspiration, not only to the youth of Zimbabwe, but to the entire Southern Africa youth who have to engage themselves in agricultural activities. We as the youth of South Africa are greatly inspired and will encourage as many young people as possible to participate in productive and commercial agriculture to avoid almost total reliance on white farmers for food production.

On Sunday, the 5th of April 2010, the ANC Youth League had the honour of meeting His Excellency, the First Secretary of Zanu PF, the Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwean Armed Forces, Honourable R.G. Mugabe. President Mugabe reminded the ANC Youth League that during his days at Fort Hare University in the early 1950s, he was a member of the ANC Youth League together with former ANC YL National Secretary and President Joe Matthews and ANC outstanding leader and former Secretary General, Duma Nokwe. The resilience, courage, forthrightness and dedication of President Mugabe bears testimony to the fact that he was once a member of the ANC Youth League and therefore a product of the organisation that produced Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and many others.

President Mugabe taught us that we should never sacrifice principle at the alter of expediency and we should forever remain focused. He appreciated the revolutionary character and militancy of youths in all revolutions and taught us how as a young revolutionary Kwame Nkrumah would always say that a good imperialist is a dead one. He also gave us a detailed history of the Zimbabwean revolution and how Britain under Tony Blair came to betray the commitments made at Lancaster House. We will forever support President Mugabe's leadership of political and economic programmes, which will redress economic and political injustices of colonialism.

What Lessons did we get from Zimbabwe?

1. The courageous and militant land reform programme has contributed substantially in the empowerment the people of Zimbabwe. From the 4000 white farmers who used to own farms and land in Zimbabwe, there are currently more than 350 000 Zimbabweans who are in farms and agriculture. Young African people are involved in agriculture and not reliant on few white farmers who do not have the interests of the people of Zimbabwe at heart. In essence, the State's greater role in land redistribution and mechanisation will contribute a lot in durably empowering the people of Zimbabwe.

2. The indigenisation and economic empowerment policies constitute a very brave, militant but very correct methods of transferring wealth from the minority to the majority. There will be challenges in the implementation of these policies, but they have a potential to give the people of Zimbabwe real economic power as they will be in ownership of more than 51% of Zimbabwe's wealth.

3. The resilience, dedication, courage and fearlessness of the Zimbabwean political leadership, particularly the Zanu PF leadership has far much greater potential to bring Zimbabwe to stability.

4. The ANC Youth League will continue to interact with Zanu PF Youth in order to give it more strength and discourage it from possibilities and reports of violence and counter-violence for political reasons.

In conclusion, the people of South Africa should support the economic recovery programme of Zimbabwe and assist in areas where Zimbabwe needs assistance. The success of Zimbabwe is South Africa's success and its failure is also our failure as a country. We encourage as many South Africans as possible to visit Zimbabwe to witness for themselves the potential Zimbabwe has. Pamberi Zanu PF! Pamberi Zimbabwe! Phansi Imperialism!

Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, April 8 2010

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 responses to this article

Brilliant Idea!!!
Lets give our distinguished youth league a medal and some tenders for their brilliance. We should all strive to be like Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans are a beacon of hope. Maybe we should join countries and become one country, since most of the Zimbabweans are . .more

by The Patriot on April 08 2010, 13:32
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Follow Zimbabwe?
Anyone looking to Zimbabwe as a model of how to govern has to be one sandwich short of a picnic. Is there any part of that countries recent history or economic situation which we desire in South Africa? If that rule benefited the black majority, why are . .more

by Mervyn on April 08 2010, 13:46
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ANCYL Model Zimbbawe
I just can't believe this ..... Julius Malema, who enriiches himself on a daily basis on the back of the poor in SA, is encouriging now these same poor people to go the Zim Way, where the big masses are even poores than in SA and Robert Mugabe even richer . .more

by Myriam Wambacq on April 08 2010, 13:54
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Malema's most illogal thought to date..which he actually uttered in public
I do not need to read this absurd article, I can derive from its headline that it does not even deserve a response.........

by Fielasting on April 08 2010, 14:07
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Lesson 4 SA, Boers r won't leave SA on their own!
This country is so beautiful; we must 'crime' them Down Under.

by Only came with Dromedaries on April 08 2010, 14:10
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Defies any Logic
The utter nonsense sprouted forth here defies belief - And these are the morons who are held up on high by the ANC. If the ANC had any last vestiges of sensibility left, they would immediately disassociate themselves from these incredibly stupid and . .more

by Democrat on April 08 2010, 14:15
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The Hons Graduate returns
Now if you compare the above ANC communique with the ZANU rhetoric of Joseph Chinotimba, Hitler Hunzvi, & the leaders of the ZANU Green Bombers & WarVets et al - prior to "The courageous & militant land reform programme ...(that) contributed substantially . .more

by John Austin, London on April 08 2010, 14:25
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Please start Nationalising, I dare you...
I dare you, I double dare you to nationalise something, anything, go for it. You can barely write a paragraph in English. And another thing, nobody has ever heard of you 'revolution' Comrade. So funny!

by Borg on April 08 2010, 15:01
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yeah make sa the same as zimbabwe so, that most people will starve!

by pieter on April 08 2010, 15:26
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A successful SA driven by white hands economically is against our African Dream!
Rather be a failure like Zim than be "ruled economically" by europeans who only came here with nothing but Dromedaries. We need to intensify our war strategy (Crime) to drive these Boeres Down Under!

by Only Came with Dromedaries on April 08 2010, 15:47
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Julius Malema has once again proved utter stupidity
one word: STUPID!

by Phumzile on April 08 2010, 16:27
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Churchill WW II vol I p 10
'...a gaping void was opened in the national life of the German people.......and into that void ....there strode a maniac of ferocious genius, the repository and expression of the most virulent hatreds that have ever corroded the human breast - Corporal . .more

by JW on April 08 2010, 17:04
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SA Headed For 10X worse outcome than zims
Yes nationalize the mines, let the people starve so that aids can do the job, then whites will be the majority

SA is failing so they resort to this, i think SA will be 10 times worse than zims because we had apartheid and the sentiment for the . .more

by john on April 08 2010, 18:51
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reply Churchill WW II vol
We don't know anything about Hitler except what is fed to us, just like the truth about South Africa has been hidden by the MSM so are (i would estimate) 90% of the lies about Germany/ Hitler

You don't hear much about the atrocities of the . .more

by John on April 08 2010, 18:55
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Nor "Inside Quatro", nor lots of bloody massacres & genocides throughout history.

However, one nations murderous genocide is no excuse for its repitition by the next. Not just recent & modern history, even ancient history - read various . .more

by John Austin, London on April 08 2010, 21:00
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If you like Zim so much why not go there? It would be nice to have all these idiots that think this way bottled up in one place!

by Get Real on April 09 2010, 06:48
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Of course Julius prefers the Zim option!

That's the option in which the political elite (read Julius) get mega rich through unconstitutional confiscation of private assets, and the populace either starves or flees the country.

by mpho on April 09 2010, 08:21
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Disingenuous moronic drivel!

That's the statement :

"The courageous and militant land reform programme has contributed substantially in the empowerment the people of Zimbabwe."

The "land reform" was infamous theft of productive resources, some of which was . .more

by mpho on April 09 2010, 08:33
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History tends to predict the future
Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible will make violent revolutions inevitable - John F. Kennedy

by Fielasting on April 09 2010, 09:18
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re the above 'press release' from the ANCYL
From one container of bollocks to another: I have never heard such a load of rubbish in my life. This, surely, has to be some kind of joke. The fact that unfortunately people do write such drivel and expect it to believed is a sad, sad comment on the ANC . .more

by tom jones' tight trousers on April 09 2010, 09:18
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Malema's support for Zanu PF
Zanu PF's policies have caused millions of Zimbabweans to come to South Africa where they seek employment in competition with Malema's followers. His support for Zanu PF means unemployment for millions of our people.

by Arno on April 09 2010, 09:47
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what a W*****
i'm going out this weekend to buy more weapons. The war is near. Either we need to leave, or to fight. But the war will come.

by Craig on April 09 2010, 10:11
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Two partial skeletons unearthed in a South African cave belong to a previously unclassified species of pre-human dating back almost two million years and may shed new light on human evolution, scientists said on Thursday.

Fossils of the bones . .more

by Ian Smith on April 09 2010, 10:50
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Success of Zimbabwe is in RSA .
l dont think any serious minded South African will have to go to Zimbabwe to know the state of that country.The beggars on our streets and the subsequent prostitutes is enough to highlight the plight of the people.The youth league should concentrate on . .more

by Joe on April 09 2010, 13:12
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Ha Ha ha
8 days too late guys - you missed April 1 - but very funny anyway - ha ha ha - you think Zimbabwe is a role model - for a minute there I thought you were serious - of course no one would really think like that unless they were mentally retarded - ha ha ha . .more

by Sad Day on April 11 2010, 08:34
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