Why did Mdluli have missing dockets in his possession? - DA

Dianne Kohler Barnard
30 April 2012

Dianne Kohler Barnard says allegations keep piling up against crime intelligence chief

Why was Mdluli not charged by the Hawks?

The Democratic Alliance (DA) wants to know why crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli was not arrested for defeating the ends of justice when the Hawks reportedly found at least seven missing police dockets in his office safe over a year ago (see City Press report).  

This is clearly a case of influence or interference in a criminal matter for which Mdluli should have been prosecuted. 

It is also significant to note that Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa must have been aware of the fact that stolen dockets were found in Mdluli's possession when he made the decision to re-instate him in March this year. 

One has to question whether Minister Mthethwa's meddling in this case extended beyond intervention to have Mduli re-instated to include shielding Mdluli from arrest by the Hawks. 

The Public Protector provisionally suspended her own investigation into Mdluli in favour of an investigation to be conducted by the Inspector General of Intelligence, Advocate Faith Radebe. Advocate Radebe's office has not confirmed any time frame for the finalisation of the investigation. 

Whilst the investigation is pending, Mdluli continues to serve as the head of crime intelligence despite the mounting evidence that he is clearly not fit for this job (see link to previous statement on the 15 reasons why Mdluli should be investigated). 

The allegations against Mdluli have now expanded from murder, fraud and the wholesale looting of the SAPS Crime Intelligence slush fund to include the obstruction of justice. There is increasing speculation that Mdluli will be appointed as National Police Commissioner due to his alleged involvement in ANC factional politics and rumoured ties to President Jacob Zuma. 

Given the nature and scope of the allegations against Mdluli, how are we continuing to allow him any type of public responsibility? 

The Minister of Police is as silent on this matter, and the investigation by the Inspector General of Intelligence may well be deemed to be ‘classified'. 

The reality is, that if she instructs the Minister to dismiss Mdluli from the SAPS, and charge him for various matters, he may well refuse to do so.  Either way, we may never know as this entire murky business is being played out under the cover of ‘intelligence secrecy'.

All that this secrecy has achieved to date is to protect those who have looted public funds and who may well have repeatedly broken the law.

Statement issued by Dianne Kohler Barnard MP, DA Shadow Minister of Police, April 30 2012

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When the Hawks raided crime intelligence boss Lieutenant General Richard Mdluli’s office last year, they found “lost” police dockets gathering dust in a safe. One of the dockets related to the murder investigation into slain Cosatu activist and corruption whistle-blower, Moss Phakoe."
City Press, April 29 2012


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 responses to this article

Naughty Dianne!!!
You are not meant to raise this.

You are meant to be focussed on Jacob 783 springing his pals Shabir and Jackie. What a waste of distraction tactics by the ANC.

by Loudly South African on April 30 2012, 14:30
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Dianne, Surely there are civil actions that can be taken to cripple and hinder him. Tie him up in court indefinitly, to negate him doing harm via his office. He will be shredding documents like mad, issuing "KILL ENEMY" orders to eliminate detractors . .more

by Realist in ZA on May 02 2012, 08:34
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I wonder if the whole reason behind Mdluli not being suspended - without pay which would certainly see matters speeded uo - is that neither Zuma nor his mouthpiece can spell suspension?

by Storm Ferguson on May 02 2012, 09:53
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Shame on the DA
Bla- bla - bla, Dianne, stop yapping, if you have a case, do something, if not, shut-up.
Here and there you still find pockets of indepenadance in the judiciary, if you have a case, approach them, else, pack your bags and leave this banana republic.

by spukupuk on May 03 2012, 08:04
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