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Willie Spies
06 June 2012

Willie Spies says his organisation will lay charges against the ANCYL deputy president

AfriForum investigates complaints against Lamola

AfriForum will obtain recordings of the news conference held yesterday by the ANC Youth League's Vice President, Ronald Lamola, during which he threatened farmers to cooperate with land reform programmes or else to face the risk of violent land occupation actions (see M&G Online report).

Parts of the news conference were broadcasted last night during, amongst others, the Afrikaans news bulletin of e-TV on kykNET.  According to AfriForum's legal representative, Willie Spies, Lamola's statements not only amount to hate speech, but also fall within the definitions of the even more serious offences of intimidation and incitement to violence.

Lamola specifically referred to, amongst others, "the Van Tonders and the Van der Merwes on farms" and warned that their safety cannot be guaranteed.

AfriForum intends to lay charges against Lamola at both the Equality Court and the Police in order to ensure that inciting statements of this nature are called to order.  More details will follow soon.

Statement issued by Willie Spies, Legal Representative: AfriForum, June 6 2012

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'If they don’t want to see angry black youths flooding their farms they must come to the party. Whites must volunteer some of the land and mines they own. They can’t only be compelled to do so through legislation,' deputy youth league president Ronald Lamola said on Tuesday, calling for changes to the Constitution to allow the state to appropriate land."
M&G Online, June 6 2012


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 responses to this article

Ek lek my lippe af. Hy gaan 'n ******pak kry

by VAN DER MERWE on June 06 2012, 12:59
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Racist forum
Voetsek Afriforum voetsek, u r dividing our country

by Sies!! on June 06 2012, 13:38
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Good! Intimidation Act!
He thinks he knows how to get the media's attention - make him pay for it.

by Brett on June 06 2012, 14:47
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You are too sensitive!
Chief Buthelezi once said if I warn you that there is a poisinous snake lurking on your path you should not be intepreted to mean that I will place the snake on your path so that you can be beaten. In the same vein Lamola is warning you about what is . .more

by Mzimb'khalimali on June 07 2012, 08:29
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Get real
Mzimbkhalimali - Once again, please bear in mind that the farms have been bought and sold many times. The present tenants are there legally. Even so, imagine a scenario where people could just invade and live in someone else's farm. The day after they . .more

by jen on June 07 2012, 08:44
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Fools make the loudest noise - Fortunately the world is run by thinking people

Food will be the new "oil" of the future.

The blacks are not natural farmers and in general terms they are not ready to farm seriously.

It will take time to transfer such skills and entrepreneurial energy to these people and one . .more

by Socrate on June 07 2012, 10:18
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@ Socrate
What a brilliant idea, someone start a competition to see who is able to turn land into a profitable enterprise, most efficiently. Should be fun.
As I recall there was a farmer in Zim who owned a few farms which were systematically taken by . .more

by Open Minded on June 07 2012, 11:09
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'the landless black people are denied the riches of the country' - the biggest lie ever told! Your stupidity knows no bounds. Your more than 40 milllion own at least 80% of the land - the state''s 38%, your millions of shacklands next to roads and towns, . .more

by John Logan on June 07 2012, 12:04
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Wake 2 reality
Can someone please tell these descendants of European peasants that we did not start seeing food when the Dromedaris anchored? Just disappear and see if we will starve. U lack capacity to learn Most of you emigrated in 1994, thinking that we need you . .more

by Proudly Black on June 08 2012, 08:20
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