IFP wins Jacob Zuma's Nkandla ward from ANC - Blessed Gwala

Blessed Gwala - Mbongeleni Joshua Mazibuko
06 December 2012

Party also retains KwaMashu ward where councillor was murdered, wins ward from NFP in Somkhele

"Thank you for voting IFP"

Responding to the results of yesterday's by-elections (Wednesday, 5th December 2012) in which the IFP retained Ward 39 (KwaMashu, Durban Metro), took Ward 2 from the NFP (Somkhele,Hlabisa) and also took Ward 4 from the ANC (Nkandla), IFP KZN Leader of the Opposition, Mr Blessed Gwala, said:

"The IFP is very excited by the results of yesterday's by-elections but also extremely humbled by the trust that the people have placed in the IFP. We are proud of all our candidates and the hard work and commitment by all concerned.  To the voters we say thank you for voting IFP."

"The Ward 39, Durban Metro, victory is in honour of our slain comrade, Cllr Themba Xulu. We hope we did you proud by retaining your ward. The people of Ward 39 have spoken loudly by winning more than 70% of the vote. There can be no greater tribute than that. We hope that in-coming Cllr  Mduduzi F Ngcamu, will continue his tradition of being one with the people and work for service delivery in Ward 39," continued Gwala.

"We are also very grateful to the people of Ward 2 in Hlabisa. Thank you for voting IFP. The close result proves that every vote does indeed count. Your victory shows the IFP elephants are indeed on the march to victory in the province of KZN in 2014," he continued.

"The 55% victory in Ward 4 of the Nkandla Municipality, in which the much discussed and ever expanding home of President Jacob Zuma is situated is a particularly sweet one. The people of Nkandla can obviously tell the difference between "community" development and service delivery for all as opposed to "individual" development and self-service," Gwala said.

"We thank the people of Nkandla and we look forward to the broader consequences of this result," he concluded.

Statement issued by Mr Blessed Gwala, MPL IFP KZN Leader of the Opposition, December 6 2012


The IFP says yesterday's by-election results are a blow to the ANC-NFP Alliance and are also an irrefutable proof that the people of KwaZulu-Natal have matured politically beyond being hypnotized by ANC's dirty tricks of using government resources to win votes. The IFP said this in a statement it should today following yesterday's four by-elections which took place in KwaZulu-Natal. The IFP won three of the four by-elections. Two of these elections took place in the Ethekwini Metro where the IFP won Ward 39 with an increased majority. The other two were held in Hlabisa (Somkele) and Nkandla; both of which were won by the IFP.

In his statement IFP Deputy National Spokesperson, Joshua Mazibuko said:

"First and foremost the IFP wishes to express our profound gratitude to the people of KwaMashu, Hlabisa and Nkandla - as well as the people of Ward 72 in Durban where we did not win - for showing their resolute support of our party during yesterday's elections. The convincing results gained by the IFP demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that our people have reached political maturity such that they are no longer hypnotized by the ANC's dirty tricks which are paraded as government programs.

"Our people stood with us despite incessant onslaught by the ANC which despatched its MEC's to campaign in the areas where there were By-elections under the guise of service delivery. Obviously the ANC will vehemently deny this; but it remains a fact that it was not coincidental that MEC's Mr Willies Mchunu, Mrs Weziwe Thusi and Dr Sbongiseni Dhlomo all decided, precisely at the height of by-election campaigns, to visit these very areas.

 "Once again the IFP reiterates that we abhor this clear adulteration of democracy by a party which claims to be the custodian of democracy. And we call on all men and women of integrity throughout South Africa to reject these political shenanigans by the ANC even in 2014 because undoubtedly the ANC will do the same then as well."

Statement issued by Mbongeleni Joshua Mazibuko IFP Deputy National Spokesperson, December 6 2012

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 responses to this article

Congratulations Umntwana kaPhindangene
You did predict in your speech over the weekend at kwamashu that the IFP has regained its composure and strength, and that you were looking forward to a sweet victory in the forthcoming byelections.Indeed that has happened.
May you continue to stride . .more

by Admirer of the great Chief on December 06 2012, 20:06
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reclaiming of wards which was taken by ANC

by mduduzi on December 06 2012, 21:36
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IFP are the legitimate KZN leaders!
I'm white and i even know, KZN belongs to the Zulu people, Xhosa's and yoir globalist backers voetsek from this place!!

by Another aredent admirer of The Great Chief on December 07 2012, 07:01
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Why Nkandla!?
Oh the injustice!? Pap and wors don't win an election ne!? Nor killing opposition leaders in broad daylight,.. Nor that fancy pad one thought the peeps would be so proud to see their 'leader' residing in,.

Oh too bad ANC scum wont be getting . .more

by IFP get my vote for sure! on December 07 2012, 07:07
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IFP are killers
IFP are today a horrible party to be againts, I'm no wonder why they have won, Kwamashu tradegy also a good indication who is IFP, so again don't mention Zuma on the election took place in Inkandla even though is residing, we have ANC branch executive . .more

by mjamba on December 07 2012, 10:41
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Aach, this must be painful for Zuma. Very confused, why when Zille decided to visit Nkandla, did the people of this area behave in a threatening manner.

by Open Minded on December 07 2012, 11:46
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The question??
Where were the people who defended "rural development" in Nkandla??

by Maanda on December 07 2012, 12:10
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Well done IFP!!!!!!! I am sure that the people of Nkandla are 'gatvol' of seeing this mansion being built over the past 4 years, when they are living in abject poverty.

by Laaura on December 07 2012, 16:01
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strong opposition party
suporting one party will not benefit us as south africans.once u gave one party more powers u tell them to we need IFP .

by Mduduzi on December 07 2012, 19:41
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Nkandla lost??
Ooooh, eh eh ! !


by croix on December 07 2012, 20:01
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Inkandla and Hlabisa were always outside the progressive scope: IFP wins not surprising.
One cannot seriously understand the joy in the media after the IFP won wards in Nkandla and Hlabisa. Inkandla and Hlabisa were always outside the progressive scope: IFP wins not surprising. If they'd won in Msunduzi, EThekwini or Ekurhuleni I'd . .more

by charlie on December 10 2012, 02:40
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congretulations to IFP
i wish IFP would even stop those renovations of ZUMA's manssion at inkandla ,becouse it's just a waste of taxe payers money

by zukisani on February 27 2013, 20:51
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