Zuma's re-election good and bad news for SA - Kenneth Meshoe

Rev Kenneth Meshoe
19 December 2012

ACDP President says Mangaung election results will reduce popular support for the ANC


The re-election of President Jacob Zuma as the President of the ANC is both good news and bad news for our nation.

It is bad news because the despair and feelings of hopelessness in the country will not abate under his leadership. Corruption and the abuse of public funds for personal gain will continue, and tender fraud will also remain attractive and lucrative under his leadership.

It is good news because it is going to reduce support for the ANC as we prepare ourselves for the next general elections. The apparent reduced support for the ruling party will translate into increased support for opposition parties which is necessary and imperative to enable us to effectively hold the executive to account. It is undesirable in a democratic state to have a ruling party with too much power as it tends to be arrogant and to disdain the opposition.

The fact that competent and respected leaders such as deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe and Minister Trevor Manuel, and struggle stalwarts such as Mac Maharaj, Jay Naidoo and Jeremy Cronin have declined nomination to the National Executive Committee is indicative of the loss of confidence in the leadership of President Jacob Zuma within the ruling party itself.

The ACDP therefore calls on all South Africans who are unhappy with the moral decay in our country, the rapid decline of our country that used to be a leader on the continent, and the wrong direction our country is taking, to rally behind the ACDP as we promote biblical and family values that can save our nation from further moral degeneration, racial polarisation, corruption and many other ills that are destroying our nation.

Statement issued by Rev Kenneth Meshoe, M.P. and President of the ACDP, December 19 2012

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 responses to this article

Well said.
Well said, Reverend. Its a sad truth; our country is in desperate need of a leader that will serve the public and not plunder the state coffers, who will put the Nation first and lead by example. We cannot have leaders who preach anti-corruption, but are . .more

by James on December 20 2012, 00:19
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Surpot will decline
I do not agree with Dr Meshoe because zuma will use his strategy
of reshuffling his cabinet time and again as long as he possess t hat right gaurantees by the constitution.

by zola on December 20 2012, 04:27
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Please tell us what your Councillor in Swellendam did. He supported the ANC ALL THE WAY AND YOU ALLOWED THIS !

by iKEY on December 20 2012, 06:37
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Bad Loser
Except for Trevor Manuel, I think most who declined nominations did so not on principles or integrity but as bad losers. Mr. Manuel expressed his views long before the conference started while Mr. Motlanthe only declined after losing despite knowing that . .more

by Sbchinji on December 20 2012, 06:47
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Reverand you are a disgrace to the Christian community
The day there are elections in your own party Reverand we start taking you seriously. as for own you are in parliament to feed your bellly that all. You are a disgrace to the Christian community who believe in through democracy - there is no difference . .more

by JB on December 20 2012, 06:50
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Vote with your head and not your heart
A good government can support a few idiots and still steer a straight course, but the hopelessness is when the people who put idiots in power do it again. We have a democratic vote - so vote out corruption...

by Rob Reeve on December 20 2012, 07:51
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A future?
Does the re-election of Zuma have any connection to the Mayan calender's end or only to the end of civilisation in South Africa?

by Anthony Caenazzo on December 20 2012, 09:00
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will some members of our society stop misinterpreting the Constitution?
I have noted with sadness that some people go out of their way to rubbish others in the media ... all in the name of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. This freedom is abused to the superlative degree in this country. The 33 principles upon which the Constitution is . .more

by Gadlaza on December 20 2012, 10:27
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Biblical values
Reverend, frankly, I am afraid of biblical values.
Mix religion and politics and you end up with a Taliban-like government.
No thanks!

by jelry on December 20 2012, 12:33
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Will Zuma be the man to vote for?

I don't reckon Mr Zuma will be the person on the voting slips. the ANC care more about holding on to power than anything else (Party first) and they won't go in to an election without a new face to draw the drifting voters. I can see it now another . .more

by Oblio on December 21 2012, 15:39
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