Cowardly FNB pulled videos from Youtube - ANCYL

Khusela Sangoni-Khawe
21 January 2013

League says bank was caught with its pants down, calls on it to release ALL videos

FNB must stop lying to the nation

The ANC Youth League has noted that First National Bank has chosen to peddle rumours to hide their despicable acts against the people and government of South Africa. They hide behind a single, innocent advert broadcast on TV and remain omniously silent on the many other videos they had created and through a covert and premeditated campaign distributed on YouTube via FNBTV. First National Banlk has subsequently removed these videos and are attempting to clean their dirty deeds behind some flimsy statement of "trying to help".

We call upon FNB to release ALL the videos, including the one entitled "A speech by Tiara", so that South Africans may engage on this issue from a point of information. This cowardly act of removing the videos is nothing but the act of capital caught with its pants down, unmasked as we said, and totally vindicates our position. FNB should just do the noble thing and apologise to the people of South Africa, once we have all had an opportunity to view the videos, perhaps our people may believe it may have been a lapse of judgement rather than the more sinister and treasonous act we still believe it is.

Statement issued by the ANC Youth League, January 21 2013

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 responses to this article

FNB Response to Article Titled "Cowardly FNB pulled videos from Youtube - ANCYL"
FNB is shocked by the allegation of treason levied against it. It is remarkable in its callousness and insensitivity to the children surveyed, who spoke honestly and without fear of reprisal.

With censorship not being an option, the only . .more

by RBJacobs - The FNB Guy on January 21 2013, 15:19
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More of less agree with RB
By pulling the ads FNB proves far too cowardly to be suspected of treason.

by Anon on January 21 2013, 19:58
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"Cowardly FNB pulled videos from Youtube-ancyl"
Yes! end time is nearer than we want to belief, that is to those who belief in the Bible
It say's "things that are right will be wrong"

by Madevu on January 22 2013, 04:29
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Fnb videos
WTF? Go to you tube, type in FNB you can help, and. at least one or two videos are there...?

by kevyum on January 22 2013, 07:15
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issued by the ANC Youth League
It's difficult to imagine that FNB had much of a choice rather than to temporarily remove the ad in the face of what has become a typical bullying ANC and ANCYL response to anything it doesn't like.

This ANCYL response also smacks of trying to . .more

by TofuFighter on January 22 2013, 08:24
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The ANCYL response is on point and correct. You cannot use kids to push your own political agenda. Those FNB ads were pre-scripted one parent admitted to her son being offered to participate in the ads auditions. Kids were made to hurl insults at the . .more

by Proudly African on January 22 2013, 10:59
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Critical thinking
The problem with the ANC leadership/Youth League is one that everyone knows: if critical thinking could be proclaimed a "crime" they would do it. Their group norm is that "no one", absolutely no one should disagree with, or question anthing they stand for . .more

by Leon on January 22 2013, 11:40
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Fredom of speech
Do we forget that the blood of South Africans was spilled in prisons and torture rooms, on dirt roads and dusty township fields. Do we forget how many bodies lie in unmarked graves. Men and woman killed by the apartheid security forces, because they . .more

by Kabelo on January 22 2013, 16:12
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Come on lads let's egg these idiots on!
Our two greatest enemies here in South Africa, gloves off and having it on!

The Big Bad Banksters Boyz VS The ANC Slime!

Let's pray they both knock each other out... for good!

(oh, wishful thinking Cap'n)

by Cap'n Haddock on January 22 2013, 17:27
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