Where is ‘Action Man' when SA needs him? - Lindiwe Mazibuko

Lindiwe Mazibuko
23 January 2013

DA PL says President Zuma failing to demonstrate appropriate leadership post Mangaung

Where is ‘Action Man' when his country needs him?

I have today written to President Zuma calling upon him to demonstrate the leadership that his high office requires of him. He must immediately put a stop to the ANC's campaign to discourage investment and destroy jobs through aggressive and irresponsible language and conduct.

While Mr Zuma is busy selling South Africa as an investor-friendly market at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, his actions back home, and those of the party he leads, are working towards the opposite goal. While the government talks up investment abroad, the ANC seems intent on crushing it at home.

Indeed, just two weeks after his party deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa labelled him "action man", Mr Zuma's inaction on critical issues makes it clear that he is determined to prove him wrong.

This has particuarly been the case in the period following Mr Zuma's re-election in Manguang last month.

At a fundraising breakfast with private sector businesses, President Zuma stated that businesses which support the ANC will see their fortunes "multiply". Mr Zuma has to date failed to provide a clarification as to his statement, nor has he distanced himself from the prejudicial and insulting remarks made in his defence by ANC spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu.

Mr Zuma has not taken any visible steps to address the on-going tensions between organised labour, the Minister of Mineral Resources, Susan Shabangu, and AMPLATS following the mine's decision to retrench 14000 workers. Instead of taking action himself, he has allowed ANC Secretary-General Gwede Mantashe to take the lead. It is deeply inappropriate for a political party representative to fulfill the responsibilities of the government, and is further evidence of the unlawful conflation of party and state which continues unchecked under the ANC. 

The reality is that the mining sector faces fundamental challenges which can only be solved through decisive leadership and clear, growth-oriented government policy. Even after the horror of Marikana, Mr Zuma seems to miss this point entirely.

The Presidency also remains unwilling to address the looting of public funds for the upgrade of ministerial houses, at a cost of R65 million to the public. The continued excessive and unwarranted expenditure on "executive perks", in the face of extreme poverty and inequality, demands immediate intervention from the highest office, along with an unequivocal commitment that no such waste will be tolerated. But given that the president failed to hold himself to this standard, continuing with a R250 million upgrade to his private home, it is likely that the silence will continue.

Just this past week, the ANC, ANCYL and ANCWL attacked FNB following their publication of a positive video campaign calling on South Africans to cooperate for a better future. The ANC's accusation that FNB is guilty of "treason" is not only deeply irresponsible but points to the increasingly unconstitutional attitude of the majority party. The fact that FNB felt forced to pull the video for fear of reprisals against the children is the most shocking indictment to date of the type of environment the ANC President has created in South Africa today.

As President of the Republic and leader of the governing party, Mr Zuma has the power and responsibility to prevent such attacks from occurring, and to take decisive action where necessary, to instill real confidence in the stability of our nation. If he is truly South Africa's ‘action man', and is serious about attracting investment to South Africa, then the time to act is now.

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Parliamentary Leader, January 23 2013

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 responses to this article

Action Man
We don t need him, we have had enough of the corruption, ineptitude, and racism.

by Gaina on January 23 2013, 15:37
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Another letter another whinge
Do you really think Zuma is concerned about your daily issues Lindiwe? He should be but he ain't .

by Charles on January 23 2013, 15:52
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Action Man
is stuffing his special suit (the one with the super big pockets ) with as much loot as he can get his sticky action fingers on.

by Walter on January 23 2013, 16:34
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JZ is busy
Lindiwe , you are showing your lack of understanding of african culture again. With four wives and 20 + kids do you realise how many birthday parties you have to plan for? All that shopping for birthday presents means you also have to spend time with . .more

by Rock Rabbit on January 23 2013, 16:51
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lindiwe and her DA should not be taken serious, it is their function to make noise. How on earth do you expect the President to demonstrate leadership when there are ministers, Premiers, mayors, and councillors. Only desperate DA can say that.

by segopotso on January 24 2013, 06:53
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@ segopotso
What utter tosh, you Sir are an idiot!

by StevenI on January 24 2013, 08:39
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Is this letter a sign of yet another desperate attempt by the monied and the wise men and women of the east to win the hearts and mind of the public or a genuine concern from a non-partisan commentator? Some of us do not take Lindiwe serious because she . .more

by Lehlogonolo on January 24 2013, 08:43
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Not a bad post. Some of us in the WC are also beginning to doubt the DA. Politicians they are for sure and we all know what that means. Crime, low farm worker wages, declining matric passes are just some of the areas of non performance. They can fix . .more

by Sad on January 24 2013, 08:51
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Rubbish Bin
I would advise the Presidency to throw your letter into the Bin, Its just a lot of Noise and Propaganda. its more on the Chase Zuma Agenda. The Cabinet has a whole lot of Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers whose jobs it is to take the lead and to . .more

by Nkuza on January 24 2013, 09:03
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@Rock Rabbit- Put foot in it
Ja Lindi how do you know JZ is an "Action Man" you mean he actually proposed, I told you previously, he's got "Keen Eyes".
Where is he,well he is skiing in Davos girl and he did not even tell you-eish.

by Valie on January 24 2013, 09:33
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"Action man"
This "action man" label is going to become the new joke theme. I see Zapiro has already taken to it. I predict that it will become part of his personia similar to the showhead. oops PR error!

by EatChickenFeet on January 24 2013, 09:44
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Ah, what intelligent comment from the ANC apologists!
@Lehlogonlolo : we "do not take Lindiwe serious because......" Have you never heard of the word "seriously"? I suppose we should blame it on Bantu Education?
And then, you complain : "how on earth do they expect workers to live with R80 per day . .more

by Mute Fool on January 24 2013, 11:20
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More like "Nowhere Man" than "Action Man"
"Nowhere Man". Credits to Lennon/Mccartney.

He's as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere man, can you see me at all
Nowhere man don't worry
Take your time, don't hurry
Leave it all till somebody . .more

by Argus Eye on January 24 2013, 12:00
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Action Man?
The only time Zuma is an action man is between the sheets. The rest of the time he's just, well, rather flaccid (metaphorically of course).

by William on January 24 2013, 12:26
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@Argus Eye
Now only about 5% of Seffricans will be able to relate to this magnificent and appropriate song (the whities0 of course
No matter though, it is so ..... well 2013 winner is AE so far.
We in the office in fact shed a tear (age, fond memories and . .more

by Valie on January 24 2013, 12:49
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Mazibuko tired of lying on Behalf of DA
Mazibuko is tired and need mentalm check up because of always peddling lies on behalf of minority parties!! One wonders if she catches sleep at all!! possibly with sleeping tablets!!

by on January 24 2013, 13:54
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Where is ‘Action Man' when SA needs him?
How funny is this? Love you Lindiwe Mazibuko!!! Leader!!!

by Tokolosh on January 24 2013, 14:50
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It is nice to care about Mrs. Mazibuko's sleep. I assume you have no problems yourself. You are fast asleep and do not notice what is going on around you.

by K. Behrens on January 26 2013, 12:20
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What do you find so impressive about the ANC stance? Do you really find it morally acceptable that this country is exploited by the new established black middle class of greedy and selfish politicians, whos only competence is corruption,who are mainly . .more

by F. Biedermann on January 26 2013, 13:48
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Dear Mr. Lehlogonolo, where are "the goods the country is advancing"? The economy is running in the wrong direction ( not allone in view of the BEE laws), crime, violence and corruption are increasing. I am on your side that R80,-- per day is a slavery . .more

by S. Williams on January 26 2013, 14:25
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