SAHRC must investigate Xingwana - Mmusi Maimane

Mmusi Maimane
27 February 2013

DA spokesperson's says minister's comments on Afrikaner men offensive and divisive

HRC must investigate Lulu Xingwana's comments on Afrikaans-speaking men 

In an interview with an Australian News Channel, the Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, reportedly said in reference to the ongoing Oscar Pistorius murder investigation that:

"Young Afrikaner men are brought up in the Calvinist religion believing that they own a woman, they own a child, they own everything and therefore they can take that life because they own it."

This is an offensive and divisive remark. The HRC must investigate it; and the Minister should apologise and formally withdraw her comment. 

It is utterly unacceptable for Minister Xingwana to suggest that any South African culture is conducive to murder. 

The minister was engaging in a gross generalisation which is offensive and ill-informed. A government Minister, representing all South Africans on a foreign news station, should not be making offensive remarks about the people she purports to represent. 

Secondly, the Minister was commenting on a very sensitive matter currently before the courts. It would have been prudent for Minister Xingwana to refrain from commenting on an ongoing investigation. 

No ethnic or racial group can be singled out in the fight on violence against women and children. It is a societal problem that we must all face together.

Statement issued by Mmusi Maimane, DA National Spokesperson, February 27 2013

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 responses to this article

Oooh, careful there, Mmusi
The ANC fan club are going to be throwing the "coconut" term around again, pal. Don't you know that the Afrikaner is the most despised less-than-human thing in modern day South Africa? Just ask Pierre de Vos, Gillian Schutte and anyone.

by BeMoaner on February 27 2013, 15:02
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Mmusi you are not an Afrikanner although you are a spokeperson for an afrikaner movement called DA. You cannot really know or feel what is offensive to Afrikaners, unless you are of course "White inside"

by Mgababa on February 28 2013, 08:00
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Musi Maimane is just speaking on behalf of a DA constituency and his statements cannot be taken seriously. How many times has his group bad mouthed South Africa in foreign media and suddenly because you have a white boy who killed his girlfriend it is a . .more

by kubane on February 28 2013, 09:48
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Well done, Mmusi!
Thank you, Mmusi, for your insight. And: Mgababa is wrong. Since when is the DA "an afrikaner (sic) movement"?

by Johann on February 28 2013, 09:48
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Maimane's illiberal view
Tolerance of other people's views however wrong they are is supposed to be the cornerstone of liberal principles.Xingwana might be holding backward views on Afrikaners, but this is no cause to silence her. This is tantamount to Stalinistic tendencies . .more

by Trotsky on February 28 2013, 11:34
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Careful because is it not factually correct to say most jails in USA are filled by mostly black youths? In other words as a percent of the population a higher percent of black people are in jails? This kind of number was quoted in the economist? Yes? Is . .more

by True? on February 28 2013, 17:42
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Mgababa & Kubane
Get real: this is no longer the dark ages. Please come online: the rest of S A has.

Whether whoever is guilty of whatever is not the point. The minister was shockingly out of line and just retracting her comment is not going to improve . .more

by YAHOO on February 28 2013, 19:06
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