DIRCO objects to Guy Scott's remarks on SA

Clayson Monyela
02 May 2013

High Commissioner to be summoned to explain Zambia VP's claim that South Africans are backward

South Africa to raise concern about negative remarks made by Zambia's Vice President Guy Scott

South Africa has taken note of the negative remarks on South Africa attributed to Mr Guy Scott, the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia (see Guardian report).

In view of this development, the South African Government has decided to take the matter up through the appropriate diplomatic channels.

Accordingly, we shall be summoning the High Commissioner of Zambia to South Africa to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation to seek an explanation behind the remarks and what it means in the context of our bilateral relations.

Statement issued by Mr Clayson Monyela, Spokesperson for DIRCO, May 2 2013

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But Scott has far less time for South Africa, the continent's biggest economy. "The South Africans are very backward in terms of historical development," he said. "I hate South Africans. That's not a fair thing to say because I like a lot of South Africans but they really think they're the bees' knees and actually they've been the cause of so much trouble in this part of the world. "I have a suspicion the blacks model themselves on the whites now that they're in power. 'Don't you know who we are, man?'"
The Guardian, May 1 2013


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 responses to this article

South Africa is backward
Scott is right , we are backward in terms of historical development . If we were not backward our focus would have to the future than the past. We have president that cannot think but he is still in the throne because of what he did in the past.

by Thami on May 02 2013, 17:02
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Backward People
How more BACKWARD & DUMB can you get?
Aren't we at the world's very bottom in Maths and Sciences?
What makes even more dumbo-tragic cataclysmic is that the local 1st world component, wich on average is resonably good on those subjects, has been . .more

by Injala Apera on May 02 2013, 18:06
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Yeah not very PC from mr Scott - but, hey, he's not the only one, both in and out of SA, whose made those observations. Time to put away the hurt feelings and deal with our intenational image?

by CM on May 02 2013, 19:47
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A revolutionaly Party That Kicks Out One Of their Own to The Applause of Whites Deserves To Be Labelled As Such.MAlema's Cries Made Sense To all in africa but not To these Guys.blacks Are Still Second Class Citizens and spectators In Their Economy.

by widzo on May 02 2013, 21:28
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against Berlin conference
Remove partitions federation was the first

by Machelle on May 02 2013, 21:51
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Guy Scott
AM Zambian and an Africa all i can say is that am very disappointed and i mean very disappointed by this man's comment

by Howard Mwape on May 02 2013, 21:55
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Not PC


by Domza on May 02 2013, 22:41
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Serves Zambians right
It serves Zambians right to have a geriatric son of a settler as a vice president. He is still a settler at heart.
What is more, sounds like a regurgitation of a conversation at the settlers's club house in Lusaka.

I am not offended at . .more

by Themba on May 03 2013, 01:07
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Empty bags
There you have it from a very senior hip shooter...
Suddenly, the Bantuzanian (mis)ruling cretinous & bully cadre commissars have no clothes for everyone to see...
In actual fact, those expressed opinions are indeed the general feelings across . .more

by Injala Apera on May 03 2013, 08:04
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No surprise here whites are vile and racist.
It' is not news worthy at all, they were born and groomed that way. We should move on and ignore these refugees.

by Sipho on May 03 2013, 09:22
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Oh dear
Deployed amateurs at work.

by Marduk on May 03 2013, 09:44
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Not Backward
If we are backward why do so many Zambians want to come and live with the backward people of South Africa.?

by Drs Seas Appalsamy on May 03 2013, 09:54
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Shuld DIRCO not be worried about the Gupta's instead?

by Jim on May 03 2013, 10:53
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Hey boy!! So you think whites ar vile and racist do you. Do I then understand you to be a man of colour. If so, then it's you who are the racist, but , as I don't know you, I can't say that you are vile.


by Rene' Gade on May 03 2013, 13:05
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WTF are you trying to say? I think Scott, the African from Zambia referred to you when he made the comment about backward South Africans - settler, all the people who are not Koi or San in Africa south of the equator are settlers.

by Spukupuk on May 06 2013, 10:16
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no tomorrow..?
Injala Apera wrote: "..looting the place as if there's no tomorrow..."

Well that's just it - for South Africa there is no future, if these clowns remain in office.

by Rob Manzoni on May 07 2013, 17:20
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SA Backward
Not a diplomatic comment by Zambian VIP but is true. Most South Africans think that its only other Nationals wanting to live in SA but not true. This is a thinking common with backward people. In Zambia there were many south Africans including past . .more

by Joseph on May 30 2013, 14:34
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