ANC condemns dumping of faeces at Cape Town airport

Jackson Mthembu
25 June 2013

Party says such behaviour makes a mockery of right to protest, diminishes any genuine issues being raised

ANC Statement on anarchy disguised as genuine political grievances

The African National Congress has noted recent media reports that a grouping of people has dumped human faeces at the Cape Town International Airport. This anarchic behaviour started a few weeks ago in the City of Cape Town and was rightly condemned by the African National Congress Youth League as at the time members of our youth wing were said to be implicated.It was our belief that such behaviour would have been halted and those individuals, whomever they may be, would have desisted from such. Clearly this has not been the case.

In the harshest possible terms, the ANC condemns such behaviour and calls for a halt for such atrocious displays of dissatisfaction, whatever the cause. Such makes a mockery of the right to protest  and diminishes the stature of the grievance and the genuine issues that may be raised. Immediately, if there are many members of the ANC or the ANCYL involved in such action, they must desist from this behaviour or face investigation and disciplinary action by the organisation.

The African National Congress respects and continues to promote the rights of community members to peaceful demonstration, however if there are any grievances against the City of Cape Town, the Western Cape Government or any other organ of the state, these must raised within the proper channels created by our constitutional and legal framework.

These actions paint a negative picture of our country and make a mockery of South Africa in the eyes of the international community. Further, these actions pose a health hazard to the people involved and upon the people they target.  It boggles the mind that these individuals have the audacity to transport human waste in public and private vehicles, negligent and dismissive of the dangers posed. 

In the same way as we have condemned the burning and looting of private and public property during protests, we equally and unreservedly condemn the littering of property with human waste as a form of demonstration and protest.

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC national spokesperson, June 25 2013

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 responses to this article

cape town hooligans
whilst i condemn the indignITY shown by the the western cape government towards these people irrespective of the circumstances, i strongly condemn this heinous behaviour displayed by these hooligans. I am more shocked that this happened at the airport . .more

by spooky on June 25 2013, 23:34
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This is just a natural consequence of the ANC's objective to make the Western Cape ungovernable

No surprises here! The ANC encourages colonisation of the Western Cape by Eastern Cape migrants who have never had decent toilets where they come from, and it encourages them to make the Western Cape ungovernable because the majority there have . .more

by Mute Fool on June 26 2013, 01:26
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Do you want the tourist dollar/rand???. This certainly shows SA in the worst light possible.
How disgusting and unhygienic. Glad I was not there.
There are a lot of other avenues to vent your anger.

by Lolly on June 26 2013, 03:49
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C*** Politics
These filthy idiots who only seem to exist when they are distributing faeces around the place do not care about the people of South Africa they only care that they should govern everything so that they can continue robbing the poor of South Africa. They . .more

by Euclid on June 26 2013, 05:00
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Disband this criminal body
The ANCYL do nothing beneficial for society. Do they help orphanages or women in distress? Do they do anything to help to clothe or feed the poorest of the poor? Do they do anything useful? The ANC itself houses enough criminals amongst its leadership... . .more

by Gary Gordon on June 26 2013, 05:08
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Behaviour of ANC members at Cape Town International Airport
This is precisely the reason why the ANC and ANCYL does not get my vote and will continue to not get my vote. It is a sure sign of the type of mentality you find in the ANC and belongs to the ANCYL. Just remember the "brownies" thrown when Malema was . .more

by Disgusted on June 26 2013, 05:29
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Honestly speaking, what happened to round table discussion in a democratic society where you can table you disatisfaction with service delivery issues?Why are these issues not raised at ward committee and public meeting levels?Why are the Mayor of Cape . .more

by Disrespect for order on June 26 2013, 06:32
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What can you expect from a S*** party?

by Polo on June 26 2013, 07:28
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At all comments above
Please note I am not an ANC supporter. (I'm a taxpayer but not allowed to vote [no taxation without representation?])

To all commentators, kindly reread the above ANC release.

The ANC has condemned the actions of others and there are no . .more

by StevenI on June 26 2013, 08:07
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Fake condemnation
The ANC condemn this? Hugh? With what forked tongue thou speaketh, they are behind it! For God's sake.

by Herman Lategan on June 26 2013, 08:08
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The ANC-PF is desperate. Most people are fed up they want change. We have Agang SA, DA, COPE and UDM. Let us vote these idiots out of power.

by Mogotsi on June 26 2013, 09:27
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Where is Fransman and Ehtrenreich????
They are silently collecting buckets of feaces for their next assault!!!

by Oupa on June 26 2013, 09:30
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Faecal politics
This behaviour reinforces the maxim that everything the ANCpf touches turns to shite. Where is the condemnation from the two WC (pun intended) stooges, "Fransenreich"? Nowhere - because they allow these vandals to do their smelly work, while they keep . .more

by Argus Eye on June 26 2013, 11:11
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Financially, Morally and Intellectually Bankrupt.
Listen Voters of the WC to what the ANC is offering Cape voters if brought to power in the WC.

by ANC governing WC on June 26 2013, 11:45
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It is very seldom that the ANC condemns vulgar ANCYL tactics. All the posters today are basically agreeing with Jackson but at the same time wishing to express their own disgust at the latest fiasco.
The roll-out of Port-a-loos might not be as good as . .more

by Anthony Caenazzo on June 26 2013, 11:55
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The two Turds
I saw a photograph in the newspaper this morning showing the mess at the airport. The were two distinct turds on the floor. One was Ehrenreich and the other Fransman. These two are the scum of the earth.

by Kobus on June 26 2013, 14:11
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I just hope that when Obama visits Cape Town
to receive the freedom of the c(sh)ity his Air Force 1 will land at Ysterplaat AFB and not cape Town International Airport, where everyone can openly see the fa(e)ce(s) of what Seffrica has become under cANCer rule.

It stinks to high heaven!!

by James Bell on June 26 2013, 17:05
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Spelling correction
SA would be far better off without them.

by Citizen on June 26 2013, 20:04
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And the poo-puns just keep on coming :D

by Boertjie on June 26 2013, 22:39
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