Tlokwe ruling a temporary setback - ANC NWest

Kenny Morolong
29 July 2013

Party says it will intensify all efforts to mobilise supporters for upcoming by-elections


The ANC in the North West notes and respects the judgment by the North Gauteng High Court which sets aside the application to rescind the decision taken by an irregular council meeting convened by opposition parties collaborating with expelled ANC councillors in Tlokwe.  

The Executive Mayor and the Speaker of Tlokwe Local Municipality approached the North Gauteng High Court to seek legal recourse with a view of setting aside this irregular meeting which culminated in the removal of Cde Maphetlhe Maphetle as the Executive Mayor of Tlokwe Local Municipality. 

The ANC maintains its respect for the judiciary and the ability of our courts to dispense justice without fear or favour.

This court decision is a temporary set-back for the ANC but will not defocus our movement from its historic mission of ensuring a better life for the people of Tlokwe and all South Africans. 

The ANC will engage its members and branches to explain the court decision. Furthermore, the ANC will intensify all efforts aimed at mobilizing our people for the forthcoming by-elections in the affected Wards in Tlokwe. 

We call upon all members and supporters of the ANC to once more ensure an overwhelming victory for the ANC in these by-elections to entrench the will of our people and the hegemony of our movement. 

Statement issued by Kenny Morolong, ANC North West Provincial Spokesperson, July 29 2013

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 responses to this article

@ the stooge Morolong
You sir, hold everything in contempt don't you?
You claim to "respect" the judgement of the court yet you state more than once in your article that the Council Meeting was "irregular"
You can't have it both ways.
It would be too much for me or . .more

by pangolin on July 29 2013, 15:15
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Is the continuing use of that adjective not contrary to the claimed "respect"?
Hegemony = amandla will always trump democracy, when you scratch below the veneer to understand the true ANC psyche.

by Questor on July 29 2013, 19:08
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Corrupt ANC
A small light at the end of the tunnel is the ANC respecting the judgment and not wasting time in appealing the judgment. That light is obscured somewhat as the ANC supported an obviously corrupt person. Hopefully they will not call for their machine guns . .more

by Rock Rabbit on July 29 2013, 19:17
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ANC are bad losers & lying winners.

by Gunnar on July 29 2013, 23:05
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what colour beret to buy?
ANC are bad losers. Persisting in describing the council meeting as 'irregular'. Unable to stomach losing. Maybe a good time for them to prepare for far greater losses in 2014. Sad, bad, outcast and unwanted old dinosaurs. Viva DA!

by Bonzo on July 29 2013, 23:52
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ANC Respect the judiciary
And get the hell out of the offices you illegally Occupy.

by Jzee on July 30 2013, 05:19
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Respect is not equal to agreement
You have a right to hold your views even if they are different to a judgement. The ones to be enforced however, are those of the judgement. In the meantime therefore, as long as the ANC respects the ruling and carries it out by leaving the offices and . .more

by Ralebese on July 30 2013, 07:05
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It took them a WHOLE MONTH to realize that the writing is on the wall

by thato on July 30 2013, 08:56
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