Khanyi Dhlomo must pay back the NEF the R34m - EFF

Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi
29 July 2013

Fighters' question role of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's wife in approving loan for Hype Park Corner boutique


29 July 2013

It has come to the attention of Economic Freedom Fighters that the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) has granted Khanyi Dhlomo R34 million to open an exclusive elite Boutique (shop) of overpriced clothes in Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg (see Sunday World report). Like many South Africans, EFF hold Khanyi Dhlomo in high regard because until now, she had worked her way up and developed her Career without questionable money from government. The manner in which the R34 million was approved by the wife of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa, who is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NEF is questionable.

How on earth can a National Empowerment Fund in a country that has deep rooted poverty, unemployment and inequalities prioritise luxury and conspicuous consumption driven Boutique at the expense of financing real developmental and entrepreneurship programmes. Khanyi Dlhomo and her partners in the luxury Boutique surely did not need R34 million to open the shop, which sells dresses for R100 000 per item.

They can use their access to many opportunities to utilise private finance, and leave public money to be given to empower poor people. The NEF is also grossly irresponsible and inconsiderate to grant so much money for the opening of a shop for the elite while many people do not have access to opportunities. it has now defined itself as a National Enrichment, not Empowerment Fund.

The fact that the newly-weds, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa and his wife, who is the CEO of NEF attended the opening of the shop is a sign that they are celebrating squandering of public money and the greed of individuals. EFF wonders whether there was never any direct or indirect financing of the Police Minister's wedding by those who received the R34 million enrichment money from the NEF.

We will never know because the current government has perfected hiding information and claiming no knowledge of violation of laws by public servants and representatives. Just recently, the Police Minister claimed that he was unaware who paid for the Security Wall around his private residence in KwaZulu Natal, when the information came out clear that it was financed by the Intelligence slush fund.

EFF advises Khanyi Dhlomo to distance herself from possibly corrupt politicians and pursue her business interests without using public funds that are questionably granted. She has thus far done very well to inspire confidence amongst many young people in South Africa, and should not water down her reputation by accepting questionable money. As a considerate and caring lady, EFF request that Khanyi Dhlomo return the R34 million she was given by the NEF so that the NEF can allocate the money to useful projects, not a luxury Boutique for the elite.

EFF will give Khanyi Dhlomo exactly 14 days to return the money to the NEF, and failure to do so will prompt us to report the granting of the loan to the Public Protector who should investigate whether there are no previous relations between her and the wife of Nathi Mthethwa and further investigate whether there was necessity to grant such a loan for a shop that will contribute nothing to South Africa's developmental programmes.

The EFF's attitude to this issue is consistent with one of our 7 non-negotiable cardinal pillars that calls for "Open, accountable, corrupt-free government and society without fear of victimisation by state agencies". EFF will consistently speak against all manifestations of rapacious and callous squaring of public resources.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, July 29 2013

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 responses to this article

Wow I own a small business and NEF have Failed to financially assist me, where as I was not even asking for millions, the level of corrupt in this country is starting to scare me!

by Innocentia on July 30 2013, 00:01
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fair return expected?
Can the NEF expect to get a fair return on the loan, say prime plus 5, given the risk, and full payment of the capital within 3-5 years?

Furthermore, has the NEF a signed surety in the personal capacity of all the people to whom the loan was made?

by Grumpy on July 30 2013, 01:41
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Eff is trying by all means to mislead and distabillise the country by accusing everyone with corruption. The commander in chief(Julius) is bitter and angry because he doesn't have access to state finances. Your time has long passed now you want everyone . .more

by Yvonne on July 30 2013, 05:07
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I'm no fan of Malema but this is right on
The 34 million for a rich women to set up a shop selling super expensive clothes, imported, to other rich people to grotesque. Imelda Marcos meets Marie Antionette.

No wonder people are rioting in the streets everyday.

by Mike on July 30 2013, 06:31
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not fair
such huge sum,how many poeple are benefiting from that.

by dk on July 30 2013, 08:05
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Well done EFF!
How many small businesses could the Small Business Development Corporation have financed with R34m? (OK, so the ANC azz-dragged SBDC...)

How many formerly-unemployed vendors could have got a fresh start selling niknaks or vegetables? . .more

by Brett on July 30 2013, 08:25
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EFF Disparate majors
Listen,EFF must first question Malema corrupt activities and self enrichedment during the time of office(ancyl).EFF is not the champion of the poor but they are just pretenders,their leader is corrupt and most of their leadership.

Hands off . .more

by Thami on July 30 2013, 08:34
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Hypocritical but exactly right
I am also not a fan of the village idiot but he and his fellow idiots are right on this one. However, it is typical and the done thing in most of Africa and especially South Africa.

by FATSO on July 30 2013, 08:41
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Jealousy Kills
I think all the neccessary credit checks where followed and Khanyi ended up qualifying,are you victimising her because is Khanyi..JEALOUSY IS THE REASON WHY BLACK BUSINESS IS FAILING. Good luck Khanyi extend your wings by flying very high and make it a . .more

by WE on July 30 2013, 11:26
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spot on
it really does not make sense why she got the funding?

wonder who shes is fcking with?

well let dont judge people based on their passed atleast EFF is doing something about this

so what are you doing besides complaining . .more

by tbotouch on July 30 2013, 11:30
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Don't be stupid WE on July 30 2013, 11:26
This sillu boutique was set up to toady to the wives of the self-congratulatory extractive black elite.

I heard they will sell clothes in only one size: XXXXXXL!


by Brett on July 30 2013, 13:09
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Wish I can get 3400 only to boost my biscuit business that I'm selling at street,I can fill like a Millionair,YOH'

by Conny on July 30 2013, 13:43
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Good Job EFF
If she does not pay it back EFF must go and picket in front of the elitist store

by EFF YOU HAVE MY VOTE on July 30 2013, 14:37
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Typical problem with BBBEE
This is a beginners guide to being a beneficiary of BBBEE funding:

1) Be in the circles of key decision makers of funding institutions,
2) Make friends and ensure to foster a good relationship with said individuals,
3) Be willing to allow . .more

by FedUp on July 30 2013, 15:25
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It takes one, once corrupt individual to know one. With EFF at the helm there shall be counter accusation of corruption making it very difficult in this country to commit such an elicit crimes.

This boys sure deserve a chance. I'm VOTING EFF.

by I'm Free on July 30 2013, 16:55
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take it back
this is disgusting n pathetic...shame on Khanyi,Nathi n his "wall" in KZN n showerhead...these people r destroying the future of our children,fck em all,Juju u got my vote boy,u n ur croonies!!!
im sick of this isht!!

by PISSED!!! on July 30 2013, 20:40
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Retards... All of you
Stop worrying about everyone else. What ARE YOU GOING TO DO TODAY TO HELP THOSE AROUND YOU?!

Lets be considerate to everyone in this great nation, black and white!

And stop being so emotional about such C***!

by Walt on July 30 2013, 22:04
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Response to Walt
It has been apathy to this C*** that has led to things getting this bad and to people caring for themselves. We have to get upset about it. The crooks rely on you focusing on your small life and the 2 or 3 people around you while they plunder state . .more

by FedUp on July 31 2013, 13:31
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Corruption at its best
1 of d Requirements that is a barrier to get funding from NEF and other financial institutions

Pre-contracts, letter of intent and orders in hand - I wonder if Khanyi has those.
Security - SEDA told me about 10% of d required fund when I . .more

by nFusion on August 01 2013, 15:23
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I want 1million to sponsor my spaza shop can they fund me or what,if they are fair they must give

by pinre on August 02 2013, 06:56
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She must just bring it back,period.

by Maurice Damora on August 07 2013, 07:35
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I am a firgter from my birth when economic freedom firghter was formed i was verry happy that time has came tell the world the truet about south african people s lifes i think the proces of membership cards must be speed up

by JACOB HLAHANE on September 03 2013, 21:50
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