White men still being blocked from SAA cadet programme - Solidarity

Johan Kruger
15 May 2014

Union submits letter of demand requesting reasons for rejection of Daniël Hoffman's application

White man again not admitted to cadet programme - Solidarity demands explanation from SAA

Trade union Solidarity today, in a letter of demand, requested South African Airways (SAA) to give reasons why a recent application for admittance to the SAA's cadet programme by one of its members, Daniël Hoffman, had been unsuccessful. Hoffman applied for the SAA's cadet programme in 2013 as well and on that occasion his application was also unsuccessful.

During a meeting between Solidarity and the SAA in 2013, the SAA confirmed that no white men, regardless of how they had performed in the selection process, had been admitted to the cadet programme. Among the 40 candidates who had been selected, there were ten black men, four black women, nine coloured men, one coloured woman, one Indian man, two Indian women and seven white women.

Solidarity states in the letter of demand that Hoffman performed exceptionally well in the aviation knowledge and the psychometric tests that are part of the selection process. According to Solidarity, Hoffman performed very well during the selection process in 2013 as well. Hofmann has already requested the SAA in a letter to indicate why his application was rejected. However, he has not received a reply to date.

Johan Kruger, spokesperson for Solidarity, said: ‘In our letter we ask the SAA to provide us with reasons for Mr Hoffman's unsuccessful application before 16 May 2014. We also want an indication of the number of white men whose applications were successful. Furthermore, we clearly state in the letter that all indications are that white men were once again not admitted to the cadet programme.'

Solidarity lodged a complaint regarding the fairness of the admittance policy of the SAA's cadet programme at the South African Human Rights Commission (HRC) in 2013. According to Kruger, the HRC is investigating the complaint and a legal opinion is awaited from its legal team. ‘We requested the SAA to put off the second phase of the most recent selection process, pending the HRC's finding on the fairness of the process. In spite of this request, the SAA simply went ahead with phase two,' said Kruger.

‘We will initiate a similar process this year if the SAA's feedback indicates that race was used as a criterion in the selection process. We believe there are sufficient grounds to contest the fairness of the process. We maintain that the measures of the selection process go beyond the scope and the restrictions of the Constitution, the Employment Equity Act and the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act. The selection process simply leads to the absolute exclusion of people of a specific gender purely on the basis of their race,' added Kruger.

Statement issued by Johan Kruger, Spokesperson: Solidarity, May 15 2014

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 responses to this article

england or australia
Why don't they go to Australia or England like they normally do if they don't things their way here?

by darkie on May 15 2014, 12:46
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Enough with white men,
I am tired of white men..please 300 yrs of white men agony can't take it anymore

by navida on May 15 2014, 16:00
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Its not that the ANC goverment of President Zuma is spitful and discriminatory against young white South Africans. But the problem is that after we train them with our South African Monies and top Scholarships, these young whites run away to New Zealand . .more

by Themba Douglas NTSHANGASE, London, UK on May 15 2014, 16:27
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Spiteful 30%ers playing God
Good Luck young man but that team isbt worth all your efforts to get signed by them

by DavidJ on May 15 2014, 17:14
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This site is really being dumbed down by barely comprehensible trolls
Wow, the black ANC trolls are rally out in force on PW today. Do you get paid overtime by your handlers if you troll after 5pm?

by Graham on May 15 2014, 19:01
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Graham on May 15 2014, 19:01
how much do you get for doing it a minute after 7?

by darkie on May 15 2014, 19:41
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What is this about Solidarity?
Try reflecting on over 50 years of black oppression in this country. Think, just a little, about job reservation. Reflect more, about how the minority white people amassed more than 90% of South Africa's natural wealth. Look at your own family history . .more

by Bongiwe on May 15 2014, 22:34
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Why don't you ask your friends and colleagues how much they make from a single distorted publication?. With that many platforms, they make far much more money than your perceived ANC campaign. I contribute to these pages out of sheer will.
Just . .more

by Tshidi on May 15 2014, 22:42
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Themba - she's not here
@ Themba - " these young whites run away to New Zealand with the much needed skills. We need people we are patriotic to the country..."

I guess you don't see the irony in your words...

We wonder what are you doing for your ANC . .more

by Rob on May 16 2014, 00:10
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What Were The Other Applicants Marks Like ??
@Rob......This Moron from Berlin is one of the most Clueless poster's/trolls on this site.
He should stick to Bible Bashing Instead.
And don't Fly SAA..

by Foghorn Leghorn on May 16 2014, 02:18
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Gigaba can't even string 2 words together - who would want to work for SAA anyway - useless parasitic scum

by Misanthrope on May 16 2014, 02:37
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Pray do tell...
...who were responsible for creating the airlines, planes, the very concept of air travel in the first place?

Even within Africa, SAA faces tough competition. It has retreated from many markets, and has a fleet in need of renewal. Whereas . .more

by DV on May 16 2014, 06:13
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ANC Corruption
This all stems from the corruption of the ANC and Zuma. We want him gone! He will not last another year. Mark my words! He is tearing this country apart along racial lines and is a rapest and a low life piece of scum who the Zuptas use as the clown at . .more

by Mpho on May 16 2014, 07:56
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Race based pilot selection is dangerous!
It is sad that all the comments are race based – please South Africans, irrespective of colour race and creed, do some introspection and stop fuelling the race debate. If we continue along these lines, the way the current ruling party is also fuelling . .more

by William B on May 16 2014, 08:04
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Don't fly SAA
Hurt the rabid racist losers where it hurts most...
Anyhow... Who wants a deployed Kadre with 30% or less of maths as the pilot...
You must be insane or suicidal... Or both...

by Injala Apera on May 16 2014, 08:39
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Fly with another airline.

by Gaina on May 16 2014, 09:13
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Please feel free to read how I personally feel about this cadet programme:

I have no problem at all, with the fact that previously disadvantaged individuals are given preference in the cadet programme. After all, the purpose of the cadet . .more

by Daniel Hoffman on May 16 2014, 09:15
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White people should just "go off to Australia" you say. That's kind of ironical because last time I checked, the pilots for SAA are actually trained in AUSTRALIA. There is apparently no adequate training course in SA.

Obviously SAA is free to . .more

by Sad Days on May 16 2014, 09:59
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What "colour" are the pilots who ferry Zuma about. For that matter do the ANC elite only go to Black doctors, dentists, etc. I am sure most use the services of Whites. What is good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the Gander !!!!!!!!

by Open Minded on May 16 2014, 10:34
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Black Pilots....
My friend (white) from a long while ago flew for EAA.. East African Airways. The co pilot was a dark gentleman. The joke was they swopped seats when the plane taxied down the runway in full view of the terminal to create the illusion of a black pilot. . .more

by Pele on May 16 2014, 11:55
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@ Themba Douglas NTSHANGASE
Actually, if you cared to speak to SAA pilots about New Zealand, you might find something closer to the truth, and here is the irony. I have been told by several SAA pilots that because some skilled white technicians are excluded on racial grounds from . .more

by Argus Eye on May 16 2014, 13:01
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SAA is right
who said black people cant fly! kenya Airways, Ethopian Airline, Angola Airline are all operated by black pilots. stop with the stereotype. SAA as one of the leading Giant amognst the SOE cluster has the responsibility to implemenent goverment polices. . .more

by Proudly South African on May 16 2014, 13:43
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Open minded
Careful your brains are falling out

by Darkie on May 16 2014, 20:06
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Daniel Hoffman you are a good man your view are exillent

by mbali on May 17 2014, 02:55
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@Proudly South African
Yes there are local pilots on those three airlines, but they aren't hired through some utopian BEE/AA policy. They order brand new aircraft from Boeing - something SAA haven't done in a while for long-haul routes.

Ethiopian Airlines was set up . .more

by DV on May 17 2014, 03:54
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I refuse to fly SAA because of their BEE .There are capable Black pilots who have climbed the ladder through proper merit in other airlines without BEE but SAA is keeping what the hypocritical blacks say they hate alive and that is "apartheid" BEE is . .more

by Gordon Keith on November 27 2014, 07:14
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