30 March 2015
V M Ponnan JA upholds City's appeal against high court order, says court records are, by default, public documents that are open to public scrutiny at all times Read more »

19 March 2015
Including Speaker Baleka Mbete's order that Mmusi Maimane withdraw claim that President Zuma is a "thief" (March 17 2015) Read more »

18 March 2015
Minister says ex CEO Brian Dames received a basic salary of R7,9m in 2014 Read more »
18 March 2015
Circular to govt institutions on cost containment measures says subscriptions should not be renewed (Dec 19 2013) Read more »
15 March 2015
Text of the letter from DG Brent Gerber to provincial HODs explaining cabinet's decision in this regard, March 9 2015 Read more »
13 March 2015
Johan Retief dismisses complaint over article on former Agang SA leader's "life of luxury" (March 5) Read more »
13 March 2015
President's response to calls to pay "back the money", Julius Malema on the NPA etc., March 11 2015 Read more »
12 March 2015
Including text of President's off-the-cuff reply to FF Plus leader Pieter Mulder on SA history, Feb 19 2015 Read more »
12 March 2015
Text of the exchanges between the Speaker and opposition MPs ahead of President Zuma's address, Feb 12 2015 Read more »
12 March 2015
Text of exchanges between FState Premier and Phumzile Van Damme, and Julius Malema over the Guptas, Feb 17 2015 Read more »
10 March 2015
Former president notes that there is a turn, by some, away from discussion, debate and negotiations towards confrontation and conflict (March 9) Read more »
08 March 2015
SOE says that it must, in terms of Vision 2020, match the Economic Active Profile of South Africa by March 31 of that year Read more »
05 March 2015
Investigation debunks "hands up, don't shoot!" narrative that fuelled riots in Ferguson Missouri Read more »
05 March 2015
Full text of key whistle-blower's statement to the Seriti Commission, March 4 2015 Read more »
03 February 2015
Union says this demand is a demand to abolish the racist and apartheid colonial capitalism that traps millions in poverty and unemployment Read more »
31 January 2015
Fighters say debates are meaningless if MPs are still subjected to the political party-line Read more »
29 January 2015
Police minister says action must be taken against suspended Hawks head for his role in illegal renditions (Jan 29) Read more »
28 January 2015
Johan Retief says that the two Indy Media editors' choice of dress when attending an ANC function in their personal capacity is none of his office's business Read more »
27 January 2015
Mac Maharaj says task team remains fully operational, country's anti-corruption architecture is strong Read more »
23 January 2015
Prinsloo J overturns suspension of Hawks boss, appointment of Beming Ntlemeza as acting head set aside Read more »
20 January 2015
Organisations say a political climate in SA has been created which encourages and condones such attacks (Jan 15) Read more »
19 January 2015
Majority rules that claim that "Zuma stole your money" was an expression of an opinion, so not prohibited, minority disagrees Read more »