My basic rights no threat to media freedom - Mac Maharaj

Mac Maharaj
18 November 2011

Presidential spokesperson says M&G wanted to publish unlawfully obtained documents

Press Release by Mac Maharaj in relation to Mail & Guardian Online report dated 17 November 2011 (see here).

Mail & Guardian seeks to hide its complicity in criminal act/s by raising the spectre of a threat to media freedom and invoking fears of censorship.

This afternoon through my attorneys we drew their attention that they were on record admitting that they were in possession of documents that they could not have obtained lawfully. Their attention was drawn to the National Prosecuting Act and that they were in blatant and wilful contravention of provisions of that Act.

In the name of press freedom the M&G arrogates to itself the "right" to break the law that has been on our statute books since 1998. Their editor Nic Dawes acknowledges as much when he states that they will now seek the permission of the National Director of Public Prosecution, Adv Menzi Simelane, for "permission to disclose the relevant material". In short they want the NDPP to retrospectively give them legal protection against their unlawful actions.

Through their sensational and at times distorted reportage they want deflect attention from their wrong doing and depict my upholding of my rights embodied in our laws as a threat to media freedom.

Statement issued by Mac Maharaj, November 17 2011

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In a chilling forewarning of what may happen if the Protection of State Information Bill is adopted in its current form, the Mail & Guardian has been compelled to suppress a report about presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj following a threat of criminal prosecution under the National Prosecuting Authority Act. The Act makes it an offence to disclose evidence gathered in camera by a section 28 inquiry -- providing for a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail. After sending questions to Maharaj on Wednesday this week, the M&G received a letter on Thursday from Maharaj's lawyers warning of a potential criminal prosecution if we published the story."
Mail & Guardian, November 17 2011


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 responses to this article

One word

Confidentiality assured apparently.

If Mac is so upset this must be some really smelly stuff ... too good to bury.

These ANC chaps just hate the glare of media spotlights on their dodgy activities - all they want is . .more

by Sad Days on November 18 2011, 17:32
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SA Media has lost all sense of accountability and integrity
Whatever it is - the M&G must go about it legally! anyway, who believes what they say. You always have to check it, re-check and re-check it , if you are interested in the story. Usually all lies, distortions and exaggerations! Hell NO.

by Nomzamo on November 18 2011, 18:29
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I must say that for a communist you have a surprising love for large personal offshore acconts

by Kay on November 18 2011, 19:14
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Ban All Documetary Evidence of ANC Wrongdoings
The pro-dictatorship legislation of the heinous ANC and its cadre hordes of pillagers and their ilk should be documented evidence enough for the International Community to assign South Africa the label of a Corrupted State of ongoing dimension. Alas, the . .more

by Dr Ubani on November 18 2011, 19:20
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What did you do Mac?
I jus wanna make sure the guys I voted for aren't hiding anything relevent which I should know about. You are still an honest person working in an honest party who is working tirelessly to ensure my tax money is spend healing the woulds of this country?

by Curious George on November 18 2011, 19:21
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Hey, Mac?
When are you going to start surrendering ANC arms caches?

by Brett on November 18 2011, 23:33
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Nic Dawes
IS A P****!

by Brett on November 18 2011, 23:34
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hey mac....
.....what about stepping on the rights of all sa citizens to protect just your "basic" rights as you claim?....this is almost like the racist card you and your ilk love to play....

by onlooker on November 19 2011, 08:51
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C'mon, Nic!
Grow a pair!

Don't be a pissssssssssie. Publish and be damned.

by Brett on November 19 2011, 13:16
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M & G
How come Mac and his wife were allowed to possess external currency accounts when others had to repatriate their funds and pay a penalty to SARS. Ms Maharaj had not one but two foreign accounts.Come on Trevor Manuel please explain this anomaly or were you . .more

by Tokolane on November 21 2011, 09:01
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M & G
Get the corrupt Bas--- to jail.How come when we could not have overseas accounts they did.Where is Zuma and his cronies hiding his

by Alan on November 21 2011, 09:23
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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Who the hell can beleive ny of you ANC politicians.

Only the dumb and illiterate voters

by Begnoga on November 21 2011, 12:25
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