48 EU parliamentarians condemn farm murders in SA - FF+

Anton Alberts
13 March 2012

Anton Alberts says govt should make farm attacks priority crime (inc. text of declaration)

Member Statement in Parliament, Adv. Anton Alberts, FF Plus MP, March 13 2012

European Parliament condemns farm murders in South Africa

The Freedom Front Plus has with concern taken notice of the drastic increase in the number of farm attacks and farm murders since the beginning of this year. The South African government should therefore take serious note of the statement across party divisions in the European Parliament in which protest was registered against the unacceptable wave of farm murders which take place in South Africa.

A declaration signed by 48 European parliamentary members from 19 member states representing 7 different political formations - socialists, liberals, Christian democrats and other formations and even one from the communist ranks, is proof of how serious Europe experiences this contemptible and desperate situation in South Africa (see below).

South Africa owes the European parliamentary members recognition for their declared criticism of this situation in our country which no one can tolerate any longer.

The government should react to this by making farm attacks a priority crime.

South Africa should also with great concern take note of the so-called second transformation which the ANC is propagating in its discussion documents for its forthcoming policy conference in which the land issue is prioritized and which will raise the eyebrows.

Dr. Pieter Mulder's, leader of the FF Plus, speech about the land issue is therefore now more important than ever.

Issued by the FF+, March 13 2012


14.11.2011 - 0043/2011


pursuant to Rule 123 of the Rules of Procedure on the murder of farmers in South Africa

Philip Claeys, Andreas Mölzer, Fiorello Provera

Lapse date: 16.2.2012

Written declaration on the murder of farmers in South Africa

The European Parliament,

- having regard to Rule 123 of its Rules of Procedure,

A. whereas since 1994 more than 3 000 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa, frequently under barbaric circumstances,

B. whereas the numerous attacks on farms, even those not resulting in fatalities, are creating a climate of fear,

C. whereas the situation is so alarming that in September 2011 the Washington NGO Genocide Watch upgraded South Africa from stage 5 (polarisation) to stage 6 (preparation),

D. whereas Julius Malema, President of the ANC Youth League and, according to the Forbes journal, one of the most influential young people in Africa, regularly calls for the song ‘Dubhula iBhunu' ('Kill the Boer') to be sung at meetings,

E. whereas the farmers' organisations are claiming that attacks on farms are not being taken seriously enough by the police and government,

1. Expresses its dismay at the climate of violence in South Africa, independently of the ethnic origin of the victims;

2. Expresses concern, however, at the systematic nature of the attacks on white farmers;

3. Urges the High Representative for Foreign Affairs to convey to the Government of South Africa the concern of the European Parliament and to push for measures to ensure greater security;

4. Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Commission and the Council.

Source: EU Parliament (see here - PDF)

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 responses to this article

Be honest, and serious, please
"European Parliament Condemns Farm Murders in South Africa" is your headline, but your second paragraph states that only 48 members of the European Parliament signed the declaration. Please remember that there are 758 members in the European Parliament. . .more

by Moegamat Shareef Blankenberg on March 14 2012, 08:33
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@ Moegamat
On a number of occasions there have been mention of farm workers being killed, and requests for numbers, so that an investigation can be launched, but to date absolutely nothing. Considering that this would be very handy "election" material, I find it . .more

by Open Minded on March 14 2012, 11:23
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Previous post
Ignore last sentence, it was meant to be deleted.
One thing I would like to add, a certain farmer I know personally, a member of the AWB, Afrikaans and would you believe provides everything needed for the children of ALL his farm workers, to . .more

by Open Minded on March 14 2012, 11:35
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Gotta laugh / weep
Two comments to this article... both sitting at the same side of the same table.
However, does Blankenberg truly believes that NEVER will he and his loved ones become the next target of "cleansing" once the whites have been disposed of?
He . .more

by Jay on March 14 2012, 11:37
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@ Moegamat Shareef Blankenberg
Thank you for putting the vote in perspective. Various rightist organisations and individuals have been almost orgasmic over the past week about the EU MPs' vote - although they somehow failed to mention that there are 758 MEPs. On the other hand, as Jay . .more

by Realist on March 14 2012, 14:06
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Margaret Thatcher did not say the anc would never rule Rsa, she said they couldn't, and she was correct. Look at the mess these criminals have brought upon us.
Why use the word rule ? Should it not be govern. anc twat you.

by Zincstop. on March 14 2012, 14:30
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Farms Murders
In 2003, the report back from the Committee of Inquiry into Farm Attacks was that the motive for attacks were theft. In my opinion that is poppycock. In any normal robbery you will find the perpetrators will secure (this could involve killing if there is . .more

by thewordwright on April 09 2012, 17:49
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Black on White Racism
It makes me so angry that 90 percent of the racists in our country were barely touched by apartheid. I am 27 years old and cannot remember the divisions that get spoken of and thrown in White people's faces. Its funny how Mr Malema who is close to my own . .more

by Sadly South African on September 04 2012, 08:22
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