ANC blocking DA's assumption of power in Oudtshoorn - Theuns Botha

DA WCape deputy leader says his party is being prevented from giving effect to its newly won majority in municipality (Sept 21)

ANC undermines democracy in Oudtshoorn

The ANC in Oudtshoorn has no respect for democracy or the Rule of Law and undermines it shamelessly to serve its own political interests.

The DA challenges Marius Fransman, ANC Western Cape Chair and ANC Secretary General, Gwede Mantashe, to apologise on behalf of the ANC to the voters of Oudtshoorn for their gross contempt towards the democratic outcome there.

On the 7th of August, the DA acquired majority representation on the Oudtshoorn Council by winning the by-election in Ward 13. Since then, however, the ANC have frustrated the DA's efforts to convene a Council meeting and even refused to consider motions of no confidence in the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Speaker, despite a court order compelling them to do so.

Today the ANC ignored a ruling of the High Court by "removing" two DA councilors and also suspending their right to vote. This made it impossible for the DA to submit a no-confidence motion and subsequently take control of the Council.

After the failed meeting, the DA laid a complaint with the police against the Speaker for contempt of court. The DA will request the court early next week to determine yet another new date for a Council meeting and also request that the MEC for Local Government, Anton Bredell, designate a chairperson for this meeting who will not entertain these spurious delaying tactics.

It is outrageous that the DA has to repeatedly appeal to the courts to implement the outcome of a democratic process. By undermining democratic outcomes and also the Rule of Law, the ANC challenges the foundation of our constitutional state. The DA will not tolerate this. The people of Oudtshoorn deserve better.

Statement issued by Theuns Botha, DA Western Cape Deputy Provincial Leader, September 21 2013

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