"Another day another body! Should you be allowed to see this picture?" - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, November 22 2013

Daily Sun (November 22 2013) - THIS is a picture which some people say should not be on Page One of Daily Sun. It shows the bloodied body of a man beaten to death for trying to break into a shack, and then dragged into the road as a warning to other criminals. IT HAPPENED IN KHAYELITSHA, CAPE TOWN, WHERE KILLING IS RIFE.

This week, Daily Sun was censured by the Press Ombudsman for two instances of publishing pictures of corpses on Page One. He ruled that we should print a front-page apology (see here).

The Ombudsman was responding to complaints from people, including government officials, who were offended by the depiction of violent death in the People's Paper and would rather it was forbidden - or at least tucked out of sight. The Press Code says newspapers must exercise "due care and responsibility . . . with regards to the presentation of brutality, violence and suffering."

Daily Sun sticks to our contention that publication of these admittedly shocking pictures - including the one today - serves an important public purpose to alert society to the perils of daily life in our poorest areas.

There are people who would rather read about e-tolls and Beyonce and turn a blind eye to the violence in our midst. But our readers tell us daily that little or nothing is being done to halt the rampage of criminals through their kasis and bring them to justice. In Khayelitsha yesterday, where this 30-year-old man was beaten to death by an angry mob, residents of UT squatter camp in Site B said they were fed up with the ineffective police presence.

Said one woman: "These thugs are young kids who are addicted to drugs and rob people. Will the cops come after hours when we are being robbed in the dark?"

Police were also accused of always releasing thugs from jail. Another woman said: "If we kill them, maybe the young ones will learn a lesson."

Policing of Khayelitsha has become a political football between the ANC and the DA. The Khayelitsha Commission of Inquiry has now finally been set up to examine police effectiveness.

Daily Sun has never countenanced vigilantism or so-called "people's justice" We stand by the law and the Press Code. But we will continue to highlight the conditions under which our readers are forced to live, even if some find them inconvenient truths.

) Police spokesman Captain Frederick Van Wyk confirmed the killing of a man aged 20. He said the identity of the man would not be released until his next-of-kin have been informed. "A charge of murder is being investigated. Anyone with information is requested to contact the investigating officer, Sergeant Sakhiwo Mteyise on 079 880 9862 or on 021-360 2389 during office hours," he said.

) Daily Sun will vigorously appeal against both the Ombudsman's finding and the sanction.

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