EFF condemns white woman who pulled a gun

Fighters say lack of outrage over incident proof that black lives don't matter in SA


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters condemns in the strongest terms the psychotic white woman who drew out a gun against members of the EFF in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape while they were engaged in a peaceful protest against Clicks. The woman pulled out the firearm after provoking EFF members, and the fact that there has been no outrage at against the branding of a gun against unarmed black people reveals that black life in this country does not matter.

We commend our members for maintaining calm and restraint in a moment where their lives were being threatened. They exhibited the utmost discipline as instructed in the face of provocation, and this only proves that the EFF has had no intention of violence throughout our protests.

However, we wish to warn all racists and sociopaths that we will no longer practice restraint against their threats and provocations.

We urge all fighters and ground forces to meet any such threats of violence with double the violence and aggression. We cannot allow racists to openly threaten our lives without consequence, especially in a country of hypocrites who continue to condemn non-existent violence from the EFF while ignoring incidents of racists threatening black lives with assassination and guns.

We wish to communicate to all ground forces and members that if they push you, push them back. If they attack you, hit them back with double the violence.

The time of being passive with racists and violent people has come to an end. The lack of outrage and consequences against a deranged white-woman, who pulled out a gun in a public space, against a peaceful protest means that black people are not safe in this country. Next time our members will be shot, and racists will celebrate as they have been because there are no consequences for a threat to black life.

We will now meet violence with double the violence because black people in this country cannot depend on law enforcement to protect them. One can only imagine what the headlines would have been had a member of the EFF pulled out a gun against a white person in this country.

We call on all of our members to operate with the principle of self-defence. Should anyone push you, push them back, should anyone pull a gun on you, beat them until they cannot react in defence of your life.

Let us continue to operate with the principle of peace, but should anyone put their hands on you, help them unite with their ancestors.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 9 September 2020