Faith Muthambi must be removed from Parliament – COPE

Party says damning evidence by Phumla Williams needs to be taken seriously

Faith Muthambi must be removed from Parliament

4 September 2018

Congress of the People (COPE) is disgusted by the alleged inhumane and disgraceful treatment that acting government communications head Phumla Williams had to go through under former minister of communications Faith Muthambi.

When giving evidence before the Zondo Commission, Phumla Williams told the commission how Muthambi tortured her for years. She explained how she went through hell and that it brought back old memories of how she was tortured by the Apartheid security forces when she fought against the brutal system of Apartheid. Williams couldn’t stomach the fact that now she’s been tortured by a member of her own political party - ANC. 

What is more hurtful is that this horrible and cruel treatment was applied to a freedom fighter who fought against the evil apartheid system used to torture people as if they weren’t humans.

COPE always expected these shameful things to happen under Zuma leadership. We knew there’ll be nothing good coming from Zuma that's why some of us resigned to form Congress of the People a decade ago.

The first thing Zuma did after he was elected as President of South Africa was to get rid of all honest, tried and tested freedom fighters. He then brought in all these questionable dodgy characters, the likes of Faith Muthambi. Zuma picked and appointed all those who were easy to manipulate.

The damning evidence by Phumla Williams needs to be taken serious. Serious actions against her torturer, Faith Muthambi, are needed. 

ANC is put on a test, let’s see if they still have morals. For them to pass the test, they must immediately remove Faith Muthambi from Parliament, where she is called an honorable member, there's nothing honorable about her.

COPE wants to applaud Phumla Williams for her uncompromising principles and bravery. We hope her bravery will encourage other government officials who went through the same torture as she endured, to come forward and speak out.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, National Spokesperson, COPE, 4 September 2018