NWest Premier: Resignation long overdue – COPE

Party welcomes 'early retirement' of 'village tip-pot dictator' Supra Mahumapelo

COPE welcomes the long-overdue resignation of 'village tip-pot dictator', Supra Mahumapelo

23 May 2018

Congress of the People welcomes the resignation of Supra Mahumapelo as Premier of the North West province. His departure is long overdue and  comes on the back of massive destruction of property and a loss of a life due to police action in response to community anger at failed leadership and betrayal of promises. He typifies what former President Kgalema Motlanthe describes as "village tin - pot dictator".

There is very little positive that he leaves behind as Premier. According to the Social Attitudes Survey conducted by the HSRC for 2017, it found that only 18% of the people of the province have confidence in Supra Mahumapelo. This means that the overwhelming majority will be happy to see him gone. As a result of years of destruction of state institutions in North West, only 14% is satisfied with the way democracy was working. This means that Mahumapelo was not just stealing but was busy destroying our democratic institutions. 

Just today the Auditor General released the 2016/17 local government audit outcomes. It paints a local government that has collapsed. It is the second worst performing province and that an overwhelming majority of its municipalities are in financial distress. This means a collapse of critical service delivery which is evident all over the North West. 

COPE calls on the people of the province to be vigilant against further destabilization occasioned by factional battles of the ANC which have all to do with greed and self enrichment of the so called leadership of the Tripartite Alliance, disguised in different forms. They are all the same and are fighting for power and access to resources for personal aggrandizement. They must mobilise and organise to vote the present useless provincial government out of power in 2019. The poor and vulnerable people have suffered most because of corruption and maladministration under 24 years of ANC rule. END!

Issued by Pakes Dikgetsi, National Chairperson, COPE, 23 May 2018