Oudtshoorn lays charges against DA supporters - Gordon April

ANC Mayor says community members illegally locked four municipal buildings (Sept 23)

Municipality lay charges against after community members unlawfully lock its buildings

The Oudtshoorn Municipality laid criminal charges against a group of community members claiming to be DA supporters, who illegally locked four municipal buildings today, 23 September 2013 leaving hundreds of Municipal workers wandering outside while some were stuck inside.

A group of people showed up at four Municipal buildings at approximately 07:00, this morning, unlawfully locking municipal security gates and doors using chains and locks. The illegally impenetrable buildings are: Municipal Head Quarters in Voortrekker Road, Eden District Municipal offices at St Johns Street, Community Services Directorate offices at As Street in Bridgton and Wescourt Park office in Toekomsrus.

Information suggests that the groups of people are aggrieved due to the failure of the DA coalition take control of Council on Friday 20 September 2013 at a Special Council Meeting.

"We strongly condemn this unlawful action which also obstruct delivery of services to the Greater Oudtshoorn residents - we'll ensure that whoever is responsible for this faces the might of the law," said the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn, Aldm Gordon April.

"There are legal routes people can exercise to either voice their concerns or demonstrate their discontent on whatever issue, and the public is advised to follow those avenues." Aldm April added.

Management decided to release workers who waited about two hours outside the building while the Police and the Municipal law enforcement were addressing the group of people. A few officials who were stuck inside the building were freed eventually as all offices have been unlocked with the assistance of the Police. The SAPS indicated that arrests are imminent.

Statement issued by the Executive Mayor of the Greater Oudtshoorn Alderman Gordon April on September 23, 2013


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