Struggle for land must come to an end – PPF

Forum says ANC resolved on EWC and therefore the matter cannot be postponed further

PPF on motion of land expropriation without compensation

26 February 2018

The PPF welcomes reports that the plenary sitting of the National Assembly on 27th February 2018 is scheduled to consider a draft resolution on expropriation of land without compensation.

The ANC 54th national conference resolved on land expropriation without compensation and therefore the matter cannot be postponed further. The struggle has always been about land and that struggle has to come to an end for the benefit of the landless masses of South Africa who were displaced by the unjust system of colonialism and apartheid.

Further to the call on this same matter made by the PPF to President Ramaphosa following his maiden SONA the PPF supports the motion and hopes that all members of parliament will support the motion and follow all legal processes and amend section 25 of the Constitution without delay

The PPF also calls for the ANC Caucus to table the motion of nationalisation of South African Reserve Bank without delay.

Issued by PPF Secretary General Office, 26 February 2018