ZA News finally launches - online

Satire show to be streamed via web video across three sites


6 October 2009, Cape Town : After ten years in development the satirical news show created by Zapiro and Thierry Cassuto will begin showing on Tuesday 6th October. ZA NEWS will become one of the few South African political satires featuring content based on current South African issues and news. The topical comedy skits feature local politicians and celebrities such as Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma, Helen Zille and Nelson Mandela in latex puppet form.  ZA NEWS is being headline sponsored by popular airline and ecommerce site and hosted by Mail and Guardian Online.

"The exciting thing about the opening up of online channels is how we can entertain and build relationships with communities.  Here we can develop new programmes, we can engage our audiences, and we can share perspectives in an interactive environment. and the Mail & Guardian make perfect partners as relevant, powerful brands and leaders in building online communities," said Thierry Cassuto , co-creator and producer / director of ZA NEWS.

Online distribution was decided upon following massive viewership (over 100 000 views) on YouTube, and other web channels, during the lengthy negotiations with broadcasters to get the show on air. ZA News has been created as short episodes that run for roughly 3 minutes each in length from Tuesday to Friday and a longer skit on Saturday which highlights the events from the week. The shows will be streamed via web video and are available at, and

"In South Africa more happens in a week than in a year in some other places. ZA NEWS is outrageous, infuriating and as funny as the news, only more so," comments Zapiro.

"Political satire is an essential part of a vibrant democracy and I'm amazed that with so much inspiration all around us it's taken so long for our country to allow political satire to get on air. Where many have proved reluctant to support this type of content, we feel strongly about giving South Africans a voice and a channel for healthy, robust and engaging debate.  We need to laugh together and grow together and the power of the internet means that brands such as are in a position to fill the vacuum through sponsorship and access to our sizable online audience," said Heidi Brauer , Group Marketing Executive Manager of

Nick Dawes, editor for the Mail and Guardian comments, "We believe that is the logical home for ZA NEWS as it points the way forward for us a news and content company that is increasingly investing in new platforms, and reaching new audiences. It is important that the Mail and Guardian does this in a way that will continue to represent our basic editorial values - independence, fearlessness, quality and relevance.  ZA NEWS ticks all of those boxes and while I find it baffling that none of the traditional broadcasters have been bold enough to take it on, I am delighted that the Mail and Guardian is able to fill the gap." 

"It's been 10 years since Zapiro and I first conceived the idea of a satirical news show using latex puppets. We are extremely grateful to and the Mail & Guardian for realizing and believing in our passion and funding the first season.  With their support we are able to share laughter with others online, as we say at ZA NEWS, because "Here we can," concludes Cassuto.


Puppets on the show will include:

  • TUTU
  • JZ
  • PDV

ZA NEWS staff:

  • Created by Zapiro (Jonathan Shapiro) and Thierry Cassuto
  • Co creator and Directed by Thierry Cassuto
  • Writers: Ben Travato, Stephen Francis, Thierry Cassuto
  • Voice artists: Aggrey Lonake, Nik Rabinowitz, Nikki Jackman
  • Manipulators: Jacqueline van Meygaaden, Annelie Fourie, Tea Visagie, Kim Kerfoot, Johaan Vermaak, Anton Treurnich, Nicholas Dallas, Hansie Visagie
  • Lighting cameraman: Crispian Abbott
  • Production Manager: Nazeera Hartley
  • Production designer: Riccardo Tugliese
  • Puppets produced at CFX 
  • Design: AM I Collective / Ikraal
  • Music: Greg @ SoundSuite

Statement issued by Atmosphere Communications on behalf of ZA News, October 6 2009

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