2/3rds of voters wanted transformation - Thuli Madonsela

Former PP says investor friendliness is why the ANC is in its current mess

Election results say the majority of “We the people” 40%,want the ANC to continue with the transformation agenda in its Election Manifesto. It’s also clear that the approx 26% who voted EFF,MK&PA) want more rapid change. This means 2/3 choose transformation. 

Equally clear is that the majority (40% ANC, DA 22% , etc), do not want a return of state capture and blatant disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law. They want constitutional democracy to be maintained so their human rights may be enforced by the courts. These values are rejected by MKParty, making it unfit to partner in an ANC led Constitutional Governance and Accountability project,

That seems to leave the ANC with the option of not going into coalition with any party. It may, as I suggested yesterday, enter into a cooperative agreement with one or more parties to get support to elect a president who forms a Cabinet of his choice subject to adherence to the Constitution in policy choices and law reform. Legislation support would be on a case by case basis. This will lead to more mutually respectful relations in Parliament and better social cohesion.

Should the ANC choose or have no option but to go into a coalition arrangement, for its sake and our constitutional democracy’s survival, its minimum requirement must be acceptance of the Constitution in its entirety particularly regarding Land justice, substantive equality (incorporating restitutive justice) in all areas, integrity (esp. Anticorruption) and the rule of law. An attempt to lawfully change the Constitutuon is ok but its defiance should not be tolerated.

An approach that is primarily driven by investor friendliness is why the ANC is in this mess in addition to the corruption exacerbated by state capture which impacted on energy security and other service delivery issues. To the ANC, please do not let the investor friendly narrative determine your choice. Please apply systems thinking consider all factors, central being the wellbeing of all the people of South Africa beyond the interests of the rich. Otherwise when the people abandon you, some of the same rich will fund the people to dislodge you.

The simple truth is that the people have spoken. Despite massive funding for the MPC, a presumably investor friendly project, the people have massively rejected its agenda. The people want more and not less transformation. They want out of the colonially designed pyramid economy where most are at the bottom (62 % level of poverty) where they get crumbs if anything. Most of these voted yes to the ANC’s measured transformation agenda as entailed in its manifesto. Any #socialjusticebacktracking or human rights backtracking will yield more social discord, unpeace and instability. There will be no social licence to operate for the markets and no shared prosperity. #SADemocracyAt30