Third Wave: Covid-19 hospitalisations back over 1 000 mark – Alan Winde

WCape Premier says there have also been 23 additional deaths in province

Premier Alan Winde on Western Cape COVID19 cases as at 10 June 2021

10 June 2021

As at 1pm on 10 June 2021, the Western Cape had 6108 active COVID-19 infections, with a total number of 299 208 COVID-19 cases to date and 281 177 recoveries.  

Total number of COVID-19 cases to date

299 208


Total recoveries

281 177


Total deaths

11 923


Total active cases (currently infected patients)



Tests conducted

1 687 015



1028, of which 247 are in high care or ICU









By 5pm on 9 June 2021, the Western Cape Government had administered: 



Phase 1a and b (healthcare workers)

91 732 

Phase 2 (over 60s)

154 505 


246 237 (note: this figure is more than the dashboard figure due to a short lag time in updating vaccinations on the dashboard)

The Western Cape has recorded 23 additional deaths since our last daily update on Wednesday, 9 June, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the province to 11 923. It should be noted that the total number is inclusive of historical deaths which have only recently been updated. We send our condolences to the loved ones of those who have passed. 

Additional data is available on the Western Cape COVID-19 data dashboard which also features active cases per sub-district, active cases per 100 000 and 7-day moving averages. To view the Dashboard, visit: is external)   

You can also view the Western Cape Government’s vaccine registration dashboard by visiting: is external)

“The Western Cape is entering a third wave of COVID-19 infections”

During my weekly digital press conference today, I announced that the Western Cape is entering a third wave. 

In the last week alone, the number of active cases increased by 1699 active cases, or by 38%. We now have 6108 active cases, more than double the number of active cases recorded this time last month.

Our ‘R’ or reproductive number has remained above 1, meaning the number of infections continues to increase.

And the number of admissions in our hospitals have also grown, breaching the 1000 admissions mark yesterday.

All of these indicators point to a period of acceleration in our curve, which will sadly result in more hospitalisations and deaths in the Western Cape.

Our current projections are that this third wave will be less severe than the second wave, but we cannot be sure at this stage.

That is why it requires every single person to play their part and “flatten the curve” by making sure that you don’t get infected by COVID-19 or spread COVID-19 during this time.

With vaccines starting to arrive in South Africa, we are a small step closer to beating COVID-19. That is why we must not give up now and why we must fight back by protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

“WC health platform shows an average of 430 new COVID-19 infections per day”

In the Western Cape, the active number of COVID-19 infections is increasing, and we are now seeing an average of 430 new diagnoses per day. Admissions to our hospitals are further increasing with 52 new admissions per day.

We are also seeing that the proportion of positive COVID-19 results has increased to an average of 11.3%.

In the Cape Metro:

Overall, there is a 30% week on week increase in cases in the Metro; and

All the sub-districts, except for Khayelitsha, are seeing a clear increase in cases. Most cases diagnosed are still in the private sector.

In the Rural Districts:

The number of new cases in rural areas has also increased, with all sub-districts except for Central Karoo showing an increasing trend; and

The Cape Winelands has mostly private cases, while the rest of rural districts have more of a mix of both public and private.

Insofar as our health platform is concerned, there are:

Currently 1028 COVID-19 patients in our acute hospitals (457 in public hospitals & 571 in private hospitals). This excludes persons under investigation and cases in specialised hospital settings.

The Metro hospitals have an average occupancy rate of 94%; George drainage area hospitals at 68%; Paarl drainage area hospitals at 76% and Worcester drainage area hospitals at 73%.

COVID-19 and persons under investigation cases currently make up 7% of all available acute general hospital capacity in both the Metro and Rural Regional Hospital drainage areas.

COVID-19 inter-mediate care: the Brackengate Hospital of Hope currently has 42 patients (3 475 cumulative patients), Freesia and Ward 99 has 0 patients, Mitchell Plain Hospital of Hope has 0 patients and Sonstraal currently has 3 patients. 

The Metro mass fatality centre has capacity for 240 bodies; currently 2 decedents (cumulative total of 1435 bodies) admitted. The overall capacity has been successfully managed across the province.
“The Western Cape has prepared itself for the third wave”

The Western Cape Government has taken a number of steps to prepare itself for a third wave in this province.

For more information on our plans for the third wave, view my press statement here:

“We need your help to flatten the curve”

The most powerful weapon to slow the spread of the virus remains our residents and their behaviour.

So please, heighten your vigilance significantly because the chances of getting infected is increasing as the number of active cases increase.


Wear your face mask when in public or with people outside your household and wear it properly.

Avoid non-essential gatherings, and if you must meet, keep it small, short and outside.

Protect those at highest risk of serious COVID-19 infection in your own family and friendship circle.

Wash or sanitise your hands regularly.

Avoid the 3Cs, of crowded places, confined spaces with poor ventilation and close contact.

Be responsible – avoid situations where the risk of spreading the virus increases.

I thank every resident who continues to do their bit, and I am confident that if we all stand together by practicing these safe behaviors, we can flatten the curve, and save lives.

Issued by Western Cape Office of the Premier, 10 June 2021