AfriForum pays homage to Magoo's bomb victims

Charl Oberholzer says history of ANC is romanticised, that of Afrikaners' criminalised

AfriForum Youth pays homage to victims 25 years after Magoo's Bar bombing

AfriForum today pays homage to the three people who died on this day 25 years ago in the ANC and Robert McBride's bomb attack on civilians at the Magoo's Bar in Durban.

Apart from the three women ‒ Angelique Pattenden, Julie van der Linde and Marchelle Gerand ‒ who died in the bombing, 71 other civilians were injured. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission ruled that the bombing had been a gross violation of human rights. Few, if any, of the victims were members of the security forces.

The Constitutional Court recently ruled that McBride may be called a murderer, although he had received amnesty for the incident.

"We don't approve of the history of young Afrikaners being criminalised, while the history of the ANC is romanticised," said Charl Oberholzer, National Chairperson of AfriForum Youth.

According to Oberholzer, it is important to commemorate the incident in the run-up to Youth Day in order to dispel the myth that the ANC' struggle was entirely noble and innocent.

"Our thoughts are with the next of kin of those victims who died and the 71 innocent victims who were injured in the blast," Oberholzer said.

The names of the victims are given below.

1.   D. Arnold

2.   Michael Blair

3.   J. Blair

4.   E. Booth

5.   D. Bret

6.   Kevin Byrne

7.   P. Byrom

8.   Christopher Clarkson

9.   M. Coeks

10. Jenny Cubbit

11. M. Cyrnow

12. A. de Chalain

13. Lorraine de la Rosa

14. L. Donaghue

15. F. Drummel

16. A. Duncan

17. Rajesh Durlcharan

18. Dennis Eaby

19. C. Edgar

20. K. English

21. B. Erasmus

22. E. Ethell

23. James Ferguson

24. R. Ferreira

25. R.M. Ferreria

26. Mr. Fiddler

27. Mrs. Fiddler

28. David Fletcher

29. L. Friar

30. B. Giddy

31. Carl Hadden

32. Paula Harvey

33. T. Hempstead

34. Keith Hulse

35. Jonathan Jeffers

36. S. Jeffries

37. I. Joao

38. Helen Kearney

39. C. Kenning

40. J. Kerlen

41. L. Koenig

42. E. Langridge

43. L. Livingstone

44. E. Maker

45. Gavin Maxwell

46. Victor Mchunu

47. John McKenna

48. H. Merval

49. S. Mintz

50. L. Mitchell

51. P. Mulholland

52. B. Newby-Fraser

53. C. Olds

54. L. Oliver

55. D. Pavillon

56. M. Plaatjies

57. W. Puttock

58. M. Rathbone

59. K. Robert

60. F. Robits

61. M. Roe

62. J. Saich

63. Roger Shillaw

64. A. Strydom

65. P. Swart

66. G. Tonetti

67. A. van Wyk

68. T. Vilonel

69. L. Valentine

70. L. Waterworth

71. I. Walton

Statement issued by Charl Oberholzer, AfriForum Youth national chairperson, June 14 2011

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