Jacques Pauw's claims against Arthur Fraser false and vindictive - Eric Mabuza

Lawyer presents proof DCS DG received a BA(Hons) from London College of Printing in 1995

Media statement regarding fake qualification claims by Mr Jacques Pauw

21 February 2022

On 20 February 2022 Mr Jacques Pauw, who is currently involved in acrimonious litigation with Mr Arthur Fraser, arising out of his book "The President's Keepers", in which he scandalized Mr Fraser and his family without any basis whatsoever, penned another scandalous, vindictive article against Mr Fraser.

This front-page article published by the City Press newspaper, alleged that Mr Fraser lied about his qualifications. For the record, these allegations are not only false, but also vindictive. They are a fabrication designed to retaliate for his breach of the law wherein he was recently found by the State Security Agency to be in unlawful possession of State documents.

Ordinarily, Mr Fraser would not respond to Mr Pauw. However, these false allegations are so serious and egregious that they cannot be left unchallenged. Although Mr Fraser does not owe Mr Pauw any explanation, he wishes to put this matter to rest once and for all.

It is a matter of record that Mr Fraser has held very senior and sensitive positions in government since 1995.

It stands to reason that the government of South Africa including its Cabinet would have had to satisfy itself about Mr Fraser's bona fides and qualifications. It is therefore preposterous and shameful for Mr Pauw and the City Press to suggest that Mr Fraser does not have the qualifications that are recorded in his official CV.

It is for this reason that we attach to this statement a copy of confirmation by the University of the Arts, London where he completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours Film and Television, in 1995.

Any member of the public, including Mr Pauw and Naspers, is free to contact the Registrar of the institution for verification.

Mr Fraser hopes that after this clarification, Mr Pauw and the City Press will have the humility to apologise to him and the public for the has they turned into a front-page story in the hope that they would denigrate and humiliate him.

Mr Fraser is fully aware of Mr Pauw's stratagem and those he works with. Mr Fraser will make him account in the forthcoming trial in the High Court for his lies, fabrications and attempts at deflecting attention from his own misdemeanours. Mr Pauw's lies and fabrications about the Waterfront incident are a matter of public record. So are his lies about the Johan Booysen / Aristeidis Danikas matter, for which he has admitted / apologised.

Issued by Eric Mabuza on behalf of Arthur Fraser, 21 February 2022