AMCU waging low intensity war against NUM - COSATU

Federation appeals to govt to do something about continued killings

COSATU condemns the continued killing of its members in the mining sector

The Congress of South African Trade Unions reiterates its anger and frustration with the failure of this country’s law enforcement agencies to deal with mine attacks and killings. Recently we have been disturbed to hear that NUM members in Westonaria and CEPPWAWU members at Sasol have been attacked by AMCU members with no intervention from the police. Government has done nothing to quell this low intensity war by AMCU directed at NUM with the intent of liquidating it.

The federations shares the pain, grief and despair that is felt by the families of the victims of this conflict, who have seen their loved ones attacked and sometimes killed without any arrests or justice. We are sick and tired of these continuing killings of our members. We are appealing to our government to do something about these killings.

Many families are losing their loved ones, husbands, sons and brothers, and in most cases their only breadwinner but there is no effort from government to intervene. COSATU will be petitioning the presidency, the NPA, SAPS, Human Rights Commission and other relevant institutions to take some drastic steps to intervene in these killings. We are worried that the recommendations of the Marikana Commission of Enquiry have been ignored and the peace accord signed by workers is losing its meaning.

Reports of police collusion with AMCU members are worrying us and we want them to be investigated. The federation will continue to argue for a better trained, better equipped, corrupt free and socially responsible police. 

It is alarming to such blatant killings and attacks of workers being allowed to continue unabated by the law enforcement agencies. COSATU calls on workers in the mining sector to stop killing one another, but build unity in order to fight for improved wages and better working conditions.

Workers should be directing their anger and energies at fighting for improved living conditions. Many of them still live in squalid conditions and lacking in basic services in the shack settlements where they live.

They should understand that the bosses, who perpetuate the existing inequalities and who also continue to keep wages down and working conditions unbearable are the real enemies.

Statement issued by COSATU, 9 November 2016