ANC condemns Carl Niehaus’s ill-discipline

Party says Niehaus does not represent their staff and doesn’t have the mandate to act on their behalf as he claims

ANC condemns Carl Niehaus’s ill-discipline and counter-revolutionary behaviour

9 September 2021

The African National Congress (ANC) has noted with disrnay, the ongoing divisive, opportunistic and anti-ANC behaviour by Carl Niehaus.

The latest is his personal statement purported to be made on behalf of ANC staff announcing that he would be laying criminal charges regarding the salary matter.

The ANC has interacted with staff representatives and have unequivocally confirmed that Carl Niehaus does not represent them nor does he have the mandate to act on their behalf. His desperate lust for publicity and his latest withdrawal of the said fraudulent staternent does not augur well with Carl's self claimed credentials as a decorated freedom fighter

We find the behaviour of Carl who appears more on public and social media platforms to be divisive, oppprtunistic and devoid of revolutionary discipline. Coincidentally, Carl has elected to apply the tactics of one desperate opposition party lacking a clear programme for the upcoming local governrnent elections and pinning their hopes on a liquidated ANC. Carl had initially and consciously chosen to follow the DA's example and leadership in laying charges against an organization he claims to be his own. He is most welcomed to share with the public his most recent official duties as an employee deserving of cornpensation.

Carl's behaviour and utterances are consistently directed at undermining and disrespecting the 54th ANC National Conference leadership collective under President Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa.

The organization will also be taking appropriate actions against Carl for his latest conduct seeking to bring the organization into disrepute.

Issued by Pule Mabe, Spokesperson, ANC, 9 September 2021