ANC welcomes NPC's diagnostic report

Ruling party expresses full agreement with sentiments expressed


The African National Congress fully welcomes and is encouraged by the National Planning Commission's diagnostic report made public yesterday.  This report clearly illustrates the year-long research and consultation that has been conducted by the NPC.  We are in full agreement with the broad sentiments expressed in the body of the report to the effect that the country has achieved a lot since the dawn of democracy in 1994 but there remains a lot to be done.

We are also in full agreement with the other sentiments expressed in the report that the country as a whole needs a long-term developmental path that promotes economic growth and social equity, this is at the heart of the mandate of the NPC to develop the countries long-term vision and strategic plan.  In this context, the African National Congress equally welcomes the nine key challenges identified by the NPC as standing in the way of eliminating poverty and reducing inequality.  These are:

  • Too few South Africans work
  • The quality of school education for most black people is sub standard
  • Poor located and inadequate infrastructure limits social inclusion and faster economic growth
  • Spatial challenges continue to marginalize the poor
  • South Africa's growth path is highly resource - intensive and hence unsustainable
  • The ailing public health system confronts a massive disease burden
  • The performance of the public service is uneven
  • Corruption undermines state legitimacy and service delivery
  • South Africa remains a divided society

The National Planning Commission has put aside a three-month period of public engagement with all South African's to find solutions to the problems facing our country.  The National Dialogue between this June and September 2011 is required to arrive at solutions that are credible and implementable with the involvement of all leaders throughout society and all sectors of the South African society.

The African National Congress appeals to and urges all South Africans to read the diagnostic report of the NPC and contribute meaningfully in the quest to find solutions to the key challenges facing our country.  We equally request that all of us as South Africans move away from being steeped in the negative frame but instead be part of the solutions to the national problems confronting our country.

The process of national dialogue with the NPC gives all of us as South Africans an opportunity to engage in a nation building exercise as we assist the NPC to develop South Africa's long term vision and national strategic plan. Let us roll up our sleeves and engage with this process in the best way we can as proud South Africans.  We owe it to future generations and other generations that will come long after future generations are gone

Statement issued by Jackson Mthembu, ANC National Spokesperson, June 10 2011

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