Bathabile Dlamini did not say women are emotional - ANCWL

League says Power FM employee JJ Tabane's claim to the contrary is a lie


The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) has noted with disgust lies peddled by Power FM employee JJ Tabane when he was interviewing ANCWL Young Women’s Desk convener Cde Precious Banda. 

JJ Tabane said he was part of a press conference during the ANC national policy conference (NPC) where the President of ANCWL cde Bathabile Dlamini said women are emotional. We want to state categorically that this is a lie because there was never such press conference during the ANC NPC where President Dlamini said women are emotional. 

Media has a responsibility to contribute to development of society. The ANCWL welcomes criticism by any Power FM employee if indeed there is justification of that criticism which is supported by facts not lies. As correctly said by Chairman Mao " _If we have shortcomings, we are not afraid to have them pointed out and criticized, because we serve the people. Anyone, no matter who, may point out our shortcomings. If he is right, we will correct them. If what he proposes will benefit the people, we will act upon it"._ 

We respect that JJ Tabane has freedom of expression as enshrined in section 16 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (as amended) and he can freely use Power FM platform to express his views. But at the same time, we firmly believe that his right to freedom of expression must not encroach on President Bathabile’s rights, in this case the right to an untainted reputation through lies peddled against her. JJ Tabane used Power FM to lie about President Bathabile. 

The ANCWL leadership is seeking legal advise, as it considers approaching the courts of law on this matter. JJ Tabane must provide proof of that press conference that he alleges he was part of, and heard President Bathabile saying women are emotional. We hope the executive of Power FM will also appeal to JJ Tabane as their employee to provide proof on this matter. The station which exists to sponsor black success in order to get South Africa working and thus restore Africa’s dignity cannot afford to be used as a platform by JJ Tabane to peddle lies against President Bathabile. 

The ANCWL will remain united and continue to campaign for a culture and recognition of women's rights as human rights. President Bathabile Dlamini is a human being too and her rights must be respected. The ANCWL wants to reiterate it's unequivocal support to its democratically elected leadership under cde Bathabile Dlamini and the collective.

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 9 August 2018