Alexi Bizos: A response to inaccurate claims by AfriForum - Kropman Attorneys

Firm says postponement was by way of mutual agreement and by no means last-minute nor a delay tactic

Response to inaccurate claims by AfriForum regarding the postponement of the private prosecution of Mr Bizos

14 October 2021

On 12 October 2021, AfriForum issued a press release indicating that the private prosecution of Mr Bizos was postponed on 12 October 2021 due to a last minute and unexplained change of attorneys of record representing Mr Bizos. The press release also stated that Mr Bizos appears to be seeking to delay the case.

These assertions are untrue and seemingly published to cast aspersions on Mr. Bizos, both in terms of this litigation and on him generally. AfriForum's press release seems to be an attempt to promote the relevance of an otherwise u n newsworthy event.

Here are the facts - which AfriForum is well aware of:

On 9 September 2021 a Notice of Substitution of Attorneys of Record was served. So to say that the change of attorneys was "at the last minute" is not correct. AfriForum knew of the change of attorneys over a month before the hearing was scheduled for.

On 17 September 2021, AfriForum asked if our offices wished to postpone the start of the private prosecution given that our counsel would be appearing in the Life Esidemeni inquest on the same dates.

Kropman Attorneys responded on 23 September 2021 agreeing to this - also pointing out that AfriForum's. Adv Vorster is also involved in the Life Esidimeni matter.

Although the Life Esidemeni matter was itself postponed, between 1 October and 8 October, the parties both agreed to a postponement of the private prosecution.

The postponement in this matter was thus by way of mutual agreement and by no means last-minute nor a delay tactic. Mr Bizos is not seeking to delay the private prosecution.

Issued by Kropman Attorneys, 14 October 2021