DA supports Cape Town's action against EFF over Brackenfell damages

Refiloe Nt’sekhe says Fighters must learn that their actions have consequences

DA supports City's action against EFF to pay for Brackenfell damages

24 November 2020

The DA wholeheartedly supports the intent of the City of Cape Town of recovering the cost of damages to municipal property during the EFF protest in Brackenfell last week, through civil action.

It is high time that the EFF understands that their actions have consequences and that, where the DA governs, they will be held accountable for their violent behaviour.

The EFF had no business in Brackenfell on Friday. Their protest against "racism" was nothing more than a vile act of political opportunism.

While we commend the efforts of SAPS, the Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies to control the situation and limit the violence and damage to property, the EFF failed to meet the City's conditions for this protest.

While we absolutely respect anyone's right to protest, it can never be at the expense of the rights of children or the property of the municipality and others.

The DA will also take legal steps to rectify issues in the Gatherings Act that we believe could better empower the SAPS to impose criminal accountability for not complying with the conditions of this act or of a specific gathering.

In the meantime, we support the City in its efforts to recover the cost of damages directly from the EFF. The EFF must pay for all damage, including the fire engine that was torched, traffic lights and roads that were damaged, a field that was set alight as well as damage to private property.

The EFF must stop thinking that they are above the law. The EFF cannot any longer disguise unlawful threats, violence, undermining state security and personal attacks in the name of “politics.” The EFF has no right to police society backed by threats of very real violence and attacks.

We will not allow these fascists to run a reign of terror here in this province or anywhere else in the country.

Issued by RefiloeNt'sekhe,DA National Spokesperson, 24 November 2020