Crime statistics devastating reminder of ANC's losing battle – Zakhele Mbhele

DA MP says ANC spends R9.1m protecting one VIP and only R1 500 per ordinary South African

#CrimeStats: Four more South Africans murdered every day but failing ANC spends R9.1 million to protect one VIP and only R1 500 per South African

11 September 2018

The release of the annual crime statistics for 2017/18 today is a devasting reminder of how the ANC government is losing the battle to keep South Africans safe.

Given that the ANC spends an average of R9.1-million to protect one VIP but only R1 500 per South African resident, reveals that their skewed priorities are crippling the fight against the unacceptably high levels of crime in the county.

It means that the ANC government is more interested in executive elite protection and comfort over the safety of our communities.

National Police Commissioner, General Sitole, revealed in the presentation to the Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Police that:

- Murder has increased by 6.9% or by four more people per day. This means that 56 people are murdered in South Africa every day;

- Rape has increased by 0.5%, or by 7 more people per day meaning that 109 people are raped every day in South Africa;

- While residential burglaries have decreased by 7.5%, this still means that 625 homes are burgled every day in South Africa; and

- Cash-in-transit heists have increased by 56.6%, which is almost one heist per day on our roads.

We know that the South African Police Service (SAPS) is severely under-resourced, under-staffed, under-trained and under-equipped.

The fact that the ANC spends R9.1 million to protect just one VIP but only R1 500 per South African means that there is money available to give the SAPS what they need to fight crime.

It is the ANC’s inability to put the people of South Africa first which means that citizens are not and do not feel safe in their homes and in the streets.

While VIPs should receive a reasonable modicum of protection, it is unacceptable that the ANC has chosen to allocate billions to protect VIPs rather than increase what they spend to keep ordinary South Africans safe.

A significant amount of what is spent on VIPs could be invested to create a professional and effective police service which can turn the tide against crime in our country. Clearly, the ANC has no plan to fight crime.

To fight crime and make sure that the people of South Africa are safe in their communities, the DA would ensure that the SAPS has the funding it needs to professionalise the SAPS by providing much-needed equipment, training and staff it needs to protect the citizens of South Africa.

Issued by Zakhele MbheleDA Shadow Minister of Police, 11 September 2018