DA allegations of MBA degree fraud unfounded - UKZN

Normah Zondo says claims by Belinda Bozzoli defamatory of university and staff

Statement on Allegations of UKZN MBA degree fraud unfounded

University of KwaZulu-Natal is deeply concerned about the peddling of unfounded allegations pertaining to degree fraud with regards to the University’s prestigious MBA degree as reported in the news. 

The article by Belinda Bozzoli, dated 4 December 2018, published at, is neither factually correct nor truthful.  The Head and senior staff of the UKZN Graduate School of Business are not suspended, nor are they the subject of any investigation into the allegations set out in Bozolli’s article. Bozolli herself has admitted that she relies on “rumour” in her publication. Bozolli’s linking the UKZN MBA degree to the University of Zululand’s position is premised on same.

Bozolli’s act is defamatory of the University and the staff who occupy the positions she has referred to. This is actionable in law and an order and damages may be sought against the publisher and her for same. In the circumstances, the University’s Attorney is despatching a letter to the Publisher and Bozolli, demanding the retraction of the article in so far as the UKZN and its staff are concerned, with an apology to those defamed and publication of same in the same publication used. The University will also reserve its rights to institute civil action in the event that she and the publisher should not comply.

All our programmes are fully accredited and we work with regulatory and professional bodies to ensure they are properly assessed, evaluated and monitored to maintain their quality and above all, integrity.

Statement issued by Normah Zondo, Acting Executive Director : Corporate Relations, UKZN, 6 December 2018