DA vindicated on De Lille matter – Mike Moriarty

Party stands by position that former mayor jumped before she was pushed

Western Cape High Court vindicates DA position on De Lille matter

26 April 2019

The Western Cape High Court has today confirmed that the matter brought before it by Patricia de Lille was not urgent and postponed it indefinitely as it is best considered by the Electoral Court and has vindicated the DA’s position throughout.

De Lille has tried three times to bring an urgent motion before the High Court and all three attempts have failed.

We stand by our position that Ms De Lille jumped before she was pushed and that she faces criminal charges for a variety of wrongdoing during her tenure as Mayor.

We are glad she is no longer part of the DA. We are focused purely on delivering change that builds One South Africa for All and will not be distracted by this one person revenge project.

Issued by Mike Moriarty, DA Principal Representative of the Party Liaison Committee on the IEC, 26 April 2019