De Lille just seeking publicity – Mike Moriarty

DA says simple fact of the matter is GOOD leader was fired as Cape Town mayor

DA notes Patricia de Lille’s application to the Cape High Court

23 April 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes Patricia de Lille’s application to the Cape High Court.

We view this as yet more publicity seeking from a person whose flailing election campaign has nothing to offer, other than repeated attacks on the DA. We will not stoop to her level. Our focus is on the voters of South Africa who deserve change that builds One South Africa for All. Change where corruption and maladministration is not tolerated.

The simple fact of the matter was that Patricia de Lille was in effect fired from the DA, by having 3 successful motions of confidence against her by her own caucus. It is fair comment in the political realm to thus describe her departure from the DA in these terms.

We have already sought a review of the IEC “directive” on the basis that the IEC lacked any legal power to issue such a directive, the inconsistency and a lack of impartiality on the part of the IEC, and because it was wrong to uphold the complaint on its merits.

Over the course of the past few months, the DA has laid numerous complaints with the IEC where there have been clear prima facie violations by political parties. Despite the gravity of these complaints, they appear to have not received any attention or the requisite urgency.

Such complaints include:

- A complaint laid against the ANC for inciting violence in Alex for narrow and dangerous electioneering;

- Most recently, a complaint against the ANC and Ace Magashule for offering money for votes in Cape Town over the weekend.

- A complaint against Faith Mazibuko for using combi courts to win votes:

- A complaint laid against the ACDP for buying votes using food parcels;

- A complaint laid against the ANC and Ebrahim Rasool for making outrageous false statements regarding water contracts in the City of Cape Town.

The IEC has been disturbingly inconsistent and lethargic in dealing with complaints brought before it for urgent investigation that threaten the free and fair status of the upcoming general election.

The IEC must not allow itself to be used as a political football for Ms De Lille’s naked attempts at relevance in this Election. Our country desperately needs change that rid itself of corruption and builds One South Africa for All.

We will not allow for the genuine desire of South Africans for change to be frustrated by anyone or any institution.

South Africa needs free and fair elections on 08 May.

Issued by Mike Moriarty, DA Principle Representative of the Party Liaison Committee on the IEC, 24 April 2019