Disrespect shown by Malema’s floor sweepers disgusting – COSAS

Characterisation of Julius Malema by the unconstitutional Youth League is true and correct

COSAS disgusted by disrespect portrayed to the ANCYL by Malema’s floor sweepers, the Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command

17 November 2021

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) notes with vexation the bile construed as a statement by the water-fearing EFF Student Command. A personal desk, whose primary mandate is to speak in defence of Julius Malema, a tired dictator, whose capacity for nuanced and intellectual thought, is as weak as his immune system.

The characterisation of Julius Malema by the unconstitutional Youth League is true and correct. The water fearing Students Command is only twerking for recognition for a man who has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that every little panorama has to revolve around him.

COSAS throws its weight behind the ANCYL brand, not its unelected leadership. We do so firmly with stock that the ANCYL is a component of the PYA, of which we are part of.

We are abstruse with the bile by the Students Command of the EFF as it tries to render defence against an organisation which knows Julius than any other. The Youth Leaguers entrails the correct detail of the former leader of the Congress Movement.

Many of those who are members of the hygiene unfriendly students wing of the EFF are products of coincidental marches for allowances in institutions for higher learning, they do not have a basic understanding of politics.

We want to communicate to the EFF Students Command, that while the bandits they refer to as leaders, were engaged in a program to loot the VBS Bank and consequently strip pensioners and indigents of their hard-earned money. The Progressive Youth Alliance was leading programs aimed at the cancellation of historical debt in institutions of higher learning.

While they were running from one court to the next, in defence of the pathological liar called Julius Malema. At that point, the PYA did not only make a call, but also provided free sanitary towels for the poor hence sanitary towels are tax free in the country.

Unlike the Students Command, Democratic Centralism is an order in the ANCYL. When people who understood very well the students struggle stood to be incumbents, Julius insisted on imposing the politically pauper Mandla Shikwambana who can't construct three consecutive sentences that make sense as its President.

We are also aware of the fact that the ideologically bankrupt EFFSC cannot attempt to craft a statement but rather forged by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who has over the past years made education look impractical. An ice boy who holds a PhD. Mbuyiseni is a perfect example that regardless of how educated one may be, no specific book can ever erase denseness.

Of course, the 2021 Local Government Elections have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the people of South Africa do not have an intention of placing their trust in Julius Malema and they now want to redirect the verbal abuse suffered from Julius to the Congress Youth League.

Making noise about struggles that the PYA has made fashionable to pursue, will not make them appear revolutionary nor will it deflect from the fact that they are ideological itinerants and aspirant criminals, who constitute a fascist movement, led by chauvinists, who are primarily concerned with expedient political manoeuvring.

Fascism in South Africa is dressed in red overalls and berets. There is no political party that can form a healthy coalition with the EFF. They are not interested in oppositional politics, but the politics of disruption and havoc.

Now, we are calling on the Students Command to continue cavorting to the tune of Julius Malema and not try and want to be relevant out of the tune of their dictated jurisdiction.

On the same note, the Congress of South African Students has acquired knowledge that these continually flopping interim structures of the ANCYL have overstayed their welcome.

Since their appointment, they have not launched a single branch in the country rather they have been on an excellent pace of fighting ANC factional battles.

The ANCYL NYTT must stop involving themselves with broader politics and leave such to constitutionally elected PYA components.

Issued by Douglas Ngobeni, Publicity and Information Officer, 18 November 2021