Abhorrent that Dr Wouter Basson can still practice as a doctor! – EFF

Fighters say Dr Death belongs in jail, not in a medical institution

EFF statement on Dr Basson practicing as a doctor at MediClinic, Western Cape

20 January 2021

The Economic Freedom Fighters notes with abhorrence that Dr. Wouter Basson still holds a licence to practice as a medical practitioner and specialist. Dr. Basson is currently working as a Cardiologist at MediClinic and was also the former leader of Project Coast, South Africa's secret chemical and biological warfare project during the terrible era of Apartheid aimed at terrorizing and murdering activists and the communities they lived in. His thirst and reach for destroying the lives of innocent Black people was also continental and not limited to South Africa.

Although Dr. Death is not an employee of MediClinic as per their assertion on social media, he utilizes their premises, nodal capital and platform to be a medical practitioner even following his gruesome crimes against humanity, which are undoubtedly unacceptable. As an institution for health care, morals and ethics should primarily inform, especially in such an instance, their decision to withhold liberty against Dr. Death to practice on their premises. Failure by MediClinic to disassociate themselves with this terrorist, a Dr. of Death, essentially means that they as an institution pay no mind to the safety of Black patients and the primary objective to restore life.

Dr Basson, like many other terrorists of the Apartheid era who only sought to destroy and distinguish the lives of Black people and anti-apartheid activists, were sadly rewarded by the ANC government, the liberty of freedom, jobs, and zero consequences for their brutal actions. It was the ANC government led by President Nelson Mandela in 1995 that hired Basson to work for Transnet. It was the government of the ANC under the leadership of President Mandela that rehired Basson to serve as an army surgeon.

Thus it is the ANC government that should take full responsibility for their misleading position during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to take Dr Basson to trial in the court of law, when in reality, they knew of his catastrophic involvement and pioneering in biochemical warfare and eugenics against Black people. Following the Truth and reconciliation Commission's determination that

Dr. Basson was not only involved but also led Project Coast, and thus should stand for trial in the court of law, his licence to practice as a medical doctor should have been immediately withdrawn.

The EFF calls on the Minister of Health, Dr. Zwelini Mkhize to administer a full and complete investigation against Dr Basson; and MediClinic for being enablers of bringing the esteemed field of medicine into disrepute by working with a Doctor who is known to have abused medical knowledge to slaughter Black people.

The EFF further calls for HPCSA to follow through with concluding and penalizing Dr. Basson with the remaining charges against him and ensure that he is stripped off of his licence to practice as a Cardiologist. On a daily basis, the HPCSA is able to carry through such investigations and penalize doctors and health practitioners for the most docile of crimes and oversights, and yet Dr. Basson, after decades of intentionally murdering Black people, is still afforded an opportunity to be a health practitioner.

Lastly, the EFF calls on MediClinic to withdraw Dr Basson from accessing their premises and practicing with them with immediate effect.

The Dr of Death, after having not served any time in prison for his crimes, showing no remorse for his treacherous acts, and failing to even divulge to the TRC the full information of his terrorist acts that resulted in mass deaths of Black people, must in the least not be allowed to carry the privilege and esteem of practicing in the healthcare sector. Dr Death belongs in jail, not in a medical institution.

Issued Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 20 January 2021