Easter lockdown regulations irrational – EFF

Regime is delivering people to death in order to promote economic interests of their handlers

EFF statement on irrational lockdown regulations during Easter period

31 March 2021

The EFF is disgusted by the nonsensical and murderous regulations announced by Cyril Ramaphosa to curb the spread of the Corona Virus during the Easter Holidays in South Africa.

In the most illogical and irrational address Ramaphosa has perhaps ever delivered, he announced the prohibition of off-site consumption of alcohol, while permitting on-site consumption with the continued curfew of midnight under alert level-1.

By doing this, Ramaphosa has essentially encouraged people to go out to consume alcohol in public spaces in their numbers, in what practically constitutes a festive season. By stopping alcohol sales from outlets for off-site consumption, Ramaphosa is encouraging mass gatherings at restaurants, mass infection and drinking and driving.

To make matters worse, he has increased the numbers of people who are allowed to gather at indoor and outdoor events, from 100 people indoors to 250, and from 250 people outdoors to 500. A senseless decision that will ultimately motivate the increase of infections and death.

It is incoherent, and this regime is delivering South African people to death, in order to promote the economic interests of their handlers in the USA and the United Kingdom, whom they have given a monopoly on procurement of vaccines in this country.

The EFF wishes to remind South Africans that there is no dependable or verifiable vaccination program in this country, and any promise of 40 million vaccinations, or a second phase of vaccinations in May 2021 is a self-admitted lie by this government.

We must as a nation take to the streets and demand vaccination, in defence of life and the future of this country. We must stand up boldly against a regime that has resolved to exhibit the death of black people, in order to suppress dissent and demands for a variety of vaccine supply

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, 31 March 2021