EFF on the outcome of the US elections

Electoral system in that country a one-party state divided between two parties


Sunday, 08 November 2020

The EFF takes notes of the outcome of the elections of the United States wherein the results indicate that Mr. Joe Biden has trumped the incumbent and emerged as the 46th President of the United States of America.

The USA electoral system is such that it's a one-party state wherein the two parties give each other an opportunity every turn of the elections and at most each party would be in office for a maximum of two terms. There is nothing spectacular and exciting on their campaign as it is anchored on the supremacy of making America great and a bully of the world institutions and sovereign states across the globe without exception.

The expansionist policy of its economic and military hegemony knows no bounds as Africa is in the receiving end and coerced into hosting military bases of the United States and its lethal weapons of mass destruction. These elections make no turning point on the lives of black Americans as they will continue to remain in the periphery and matter not.

The USA foreign policy on the conflict between Israel and Palestine has not been helpful over the century, nor will we see any significant change with the election of Mr. Joe Biden. Heads of governments across the world have been assassinated and captured unashamedly by successive Presidents of USA right from Emmanuel Noriega of Panama, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Colonel Gaddafi of Libya.

There are attempts to do same and collapse the government of President Maduro of Venezuela, a country whose successive governments have historically been subverted by the United States. To date, Somalia has not known peace due to USA military intervention undermining the authority of Organisation of African Unity, the predecessor of African Unity as would be the case with Libya, both thrown into anarchy by presidents of the Democratic Party of the USA, Clinton and Obama respectively. Presidents Bush and Trump, both of the Republican Party in different times respectively, have their hands dripping of the blood of Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq and General Suleiman of Iran.

Neither Republican nor Democrats President augurs well for the world community of nations short of drastic policy and ideological change of the state of American government. The continued bullying of the United Nations Security Council and organs of the UN by America did not start with the deranged Trump, nor will we see an end to it.

Mr. Biden shall earn his stripe to deserve congratulations as a president of the USA the day he leaves office without atrocious acts against the people and their governments, ceases bullying the United Nations and its organs, respects sovereign states as their equals. And as an immediate task, restores diplomatic and economic relations with the government of the people of Cuba and implements a radical policy shift against the egos of Israel apartheid state that continue to disrespect numerous resolutions of the United Nations.

The EFF will continue to monitor the developments in the USA and never relent into calling the superpower to order for its human rights abuses and total disregard of sovereignty of other nations.

Statement issued by EFF, 8 November 2020