EFF welcomes renaming of William Nicol Drive after Mama Winnie

Fighters say that they lead and others follow when it comes to the decolonial agenda


Thursday, 7 October 2021

The EFF welcomes the renaming of William Nicol Drive to Winnie Mandela Drive, after the motion amended by the EFF in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Council. This long overdue honour for one of the greatest liberation stalwarts in South Africa's anti-Apartheid struggle is a victory towards meaningful representation of black liberation heroes in our society.

Mama Winnie Mandela's track record in the struggle for African self-determination speaks for itself, and it is only the EFF that has been at the forefront of lifting her name to the heights it deserves. The ruling party, together with Stratcom and Apartheid spies have tried for decades to taint the name of Mama Winnie and erase her valuable contribution to our collective freedom. Despite being hated even by her own, she remained true to her ideals and was an advocated for the return of the land and meaningful redistribution of the wealth of our country.

The renaming of this strategic route in Johannesburg in her honour, which comes after the historic opening of the EFF's Winnie Madikizela Mandela House, is a further confirmation that when it comes to the decolonial agenda, the EFF leads and the rest follow.

May the memory of the mother of the nation be etched in our consciousness and may history remember her as the firebrand that stood against the brutal Apartheid regime when it was not fashionable, as a trailblazer and epitome of women leading from the front.

Statement issued by EFF Elections Spokesperson, Leigh-Ann Mathys, 8 October 2021