Fight against state capture cannot be left to next generation – COSATU

Federation says South Africans need to ask questions as they are living in 'a very dangerous situation'

Fight against state capture cannot be left to next generation – COSATU

5 October 2017

Ekurhuleni - The fight against those who have captured and stolen from South Africa cannot be left to the next generation, said the general secretary of labour federation COSATU, Bheki Ntshalintshali.

Ntshalintshali made the comments on Thursday during his delivery of a message of support at the South African Democratic Teachers' Union national general council which has been scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

"We are living in a very dangerous situation," said Ntshalintshali to the more than 150 delegates in the room.

He said South Africans needed to ask tough questions about events around them.

"How do you explain in a democratic South Africa open gangsterism? People openly shooting other people on the TV. Where is our army and police?" he asked.

The COSATU general secretary warned that recent burglaries at judicial offices were no coincidence.

"It's to intimidate judges," he said, explaining that information including officials' home addresses was kept at the offices.

"This fight cannot be postponed for a newer generation, we can't say we are older and leave it to the next generation. The problematic people are our peers," he said.

He said the federation had decided that it must stand up and condemn corruption and state capture.

"We know if there is no rule of law the working class will be the worst affected," he added.

Ntshalintshali also thanked those who came out to support COSATU when it took to the streets against state capture in Johannesburg last week.