Floyd Shivambu to take Ethics Committee to court - EFF

Fighters say conclusion that DP received a donation that was not declared is utterly false


Monday, 02 October 2023

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) notes the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Ethics and Members' Interests' sanctions issued against EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu. We welcome the fact that Parliament's investigations have revealed that there was no money that was received from VBS Mutual Bank by both the EFF President and Deputy President.

The Joint Committee has acknowledged categorically that the loan amount of money were donations which came from a private company called Sgameka Pty Ltd, not from VBS. What is an incorrect conclusion of the Committee is that the loan amount from Sgameka Pty Ltd was a donation despite the fact that Sgameka presented a sworn affidavit that the amount is a loan which had nothing to do with VBS.

The conclusion that the Deputy President received a donation that was not declared is utterly false and not a reflection of reality. The Deputy President will take Parliament to Court to overturn the Joint Committee's irrational and opportunistic conclusion and sanction.

It is not in the powers of a Joint Committee to dispute the loans between people even when they have demonstrated beyond any sensible doubt that they had loaned each other money. Parliament's Rules do not prescribe that loans must be declared with Parliament. There is therefore absolutely nothing wrong that the Deputy President did hence the legal challenge will be successful.

The EFF nevertheless welcomes and accepts that the Joint Committee has concluded that there was no money from VBS that was received by leadership of the EFF. Rumour mongers and information peddlers who tried to link EFF leaders to VBS money are now put to shame.

Our movement is now on the ground preparing for 2024 Elections victory!

Statement issued by the EFF, 2 October 2023